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  • Justice Roggensack challenges Marquette Law School graduates to have personal courage 

    Deb Heneghan

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    Ryan and Christopher Fetherston

    Wisconsin attorneys Ryan (left) and Christopher Fetherston move the admission of their brother Kevin to the State Bar of Wisconsin. 

    Daniel Friedman, Laurie Carol Frey and Anthony Justin Flint

    More than 170 Marquette University Law School graduates were sworn in during six ceremonies on May 23. From left: Daniel Jeffrey Friedman, Laurie Carol Frey, and  Anthony Justin Flint

    Douglas Martin

    Douglas Martin Fuglsang listens to State Bar President-elect Jim Brennan’s welcoming comments. Brennan stressed the importance of giving back to the profession through pro bono service. Fugslang is heading for his MBA.

    Ashley Elizabeth Fale

    New attorney Ashley Elizabeth Fale (center) is a third generation Marquette Law School graduate. Fale will join Bass & Moglowsky SC in Milwaukee. From left: Chief Justice Shirley S. Abrahamson, State Bar President-elect Jim Brennan, Ashley Fale, attorney-dad William Fale, and stepmom Cindy Fale.

    Future lawyers

    Future new lawyers line up outside the Supreme Court Hearing Room.

    Brittany Charon Grayson

    New attorney Brittany Charon Grayson meets with representative from the Hispanic Lawyers Association.

    Margaret Lyndsey Delain

    Margaret Lyndsey Delain signs the Supreme Court Roll. Every attorney admitted to the State Bar of Wisconsin since the state was a territory has signed the roll.

    Andrea Louise Gage and Anique Nicole Ruiz

    New lawyer Andrea Louise Gage (left) with 2010 Marquette graduate Anique Nicole Ruiz of Gonzalez Saggio & Harlan LLP. Gage is employed by the Better Business Bureau.

    Brittany Yvonne Earl with mom

    Brittany Yvonne Earl with her mom at the State Bar reception. Earl is heading to Chicago where taking the Illinois Bar exam is in her future.

    Mary Lynn Ferwenda

    New lawyer Mary Lynn Ferwerda (center) enjoys a moment with her family and friends, some of whom traveled a distance to share her day. From left: a friend from Milwaukee, mom who made the trip from South Dakota, Ferwerda, her brother from Montana, and her boyfriend. Ferwerda who plans to continue her job search in the Milwaukee area, also plans to cover her bases by taking the Illinois Bar exam. 

    May 23, 2011 – Earlier today, more than 170 Marquette Law School graduates were admitted to practice in Wisconsin. The new lawyers were welcomed to the profession by the Wisconsin Supreme Court justices, Marquette Law School Dean Joseph Kearney, State Bar President James Boll, State Bar President-elect Jim Brennan, and Board of Bar Examiners (BBE) Director Jacquelynn B. Rothstein.

    Chief Justice Shirley S. Abrahamson presided over the six ceremonies. Justices Ann Walsh Bradley, David T. Prosser Jr., Annette Ziegler, and Michael J. Gableman administered the oath in the Supreme Court Hearing Room.

    Following each swearing-in ceremony, Justice Patience Roggensack spoke to the new lawyers. “A law school education is a privilege, one that you are fortunate enough to receive,” said Roggensack.

    Personal courage

    “You have accomplished thus far certain milestones, and they are important steps in your journey,” said Roggensack.

    “Some parts of your journey will be very easy, smooth sailing. Other parts of your journey will require tough choices that will leave you in doubt about whether you are actually doing the right thing. It is the tough choices that will require personal courage and dedication to the principles of equality and fairness that underlie the law in the state of Wisconsin,” she said.

    Roggensack told the new lawyers, “personal courage does not involve simply speaking, it’s listening to opposing points of view. It’s being able to muster the courage. It has been said that courage is grace under fire.”

    Referencing Robert La Follette, she said he spoke about the need to protect the besieged, the need to check all points of view, and to speak up even when speaking brings vilification.

    Quoting Robert F. Kennedy’s words “others see things as they are and ask why … I dream things that never were and ask why not,” Roggensack urged the new lawyers to remember these words. “Being able to take these values on will take fortitude and personal courage. At some point in your careers you may have need of that courage, the courage to question what is going on, the courage to propose things that never have been, Believe in yourself. Believe that you are up to the challenge,” she said.

    The State Bar welcomes the following attorneys:

    • Juan Pablo Amado, Greendale
    • Henry Benjamin Archuleta, Milwaukee
    • April Lynnette Ashby, Oshkosh
    • Philip Carl Babler, West Allis
    • Peter Bruderle Baran, Wauwatosa
    • Briana Rachelle Barron, Milwaukee
    • Jonathan Dean Bateman, Milwaukee
    • Vincent Ray Bauer, Wauwatosa
    • Alejandro Bautista, Milwaukee
    • Jeffrey Thomas Benson, Milwaukee
    • Melissa Rose Beresford, Milwaukee
    • Heather Breana Berlinski, Wauwatosa
    • Brian Borkowicz, Oshkosh
    • Jacob Daniel Bosacki, Milwaukee
    • Jessica Ann Bourke, Milwaukee
    • Christopher Harry Bowen, Milwaukee
    • Katie Beth Bricco. Milwaukee
    • Matthew James Brzezinski, Milwaukee
    • Julie Ann Bucheger, Milwaukee
    • Robert William Buckett, Brookfield
    • Thomas John Burmeister Jr., Milwaukee
    • Sarah A. Burnett, Milwaukee
    • Amanda Joyce Burrows, Milwaukee
    • James Michael Burrows, Milwaukee
    • Colin James Casper, Fox Point
    • Steven Todd Chesebro, Milwaukee
    • Lora Lynn Chupita, Milwaukee
    • Meghan M. Coffey, Wauwatosa
    • Lacey Lea Coonen, Milwaukee
    • Paul Stephen Crawford, West Allis
    • William Travers Crowley IV, Milwaukee
    • Marisa Gabrielle Cuellar, Oak Creek
    • Jack Lawrence Davila, Milwaukee
    • Victoria Lynn Davis, Milwaukee
    • Margaret Lyndsey Delain, Milwaukee
    • Nicholas Jay Deml, Milwaukee
    • Peter Allan Diercks, Milwaukee
    • Brittany Yvonne Earl, Milwaukee
    • Zachary Clay Edwards, Milwaukee
    • Annalyn Rose Evenstad, Omro
    • Daniel Albert Exner, Milwaukee
    • Ashley Elizabeth Fale, Milwaukee
    • Timothy Edward Femal, Appleton
    • Mary Lynn Ferwerda, Milwaukee
    • Kevin Michael Fetherston, Milwaukee
    • Anthony Justin Flint, Milwaukee
    • Laurie Carol Frey, Milwaukee
    • Daniel Jeffrey Friedman, Milwaukee
    • Douglas Martin Fuglsang, Milwaukee
    • Andrea Louise Gage, Sun Prairie
    • Ryan Douglas Gehrke, Milwaukee
    • Matthew Charles Gensler, Milwaukee
    • Darrin Glad, Milwaukee
    • Daniel James Glass, Milwaukee
    • Brittany Cha'ron Grayson, Brookfield
    • Bradley Edward Grell, Milwaukee
    • Sara Jeanne Grill, Neenah
    • Alexandra Leigh Grimley, Milwaukee
    • La Keisha Dashaun Haase, Milwaukee
    • Peter Andrew Hahn, Milwaukee
    • Sarah Ellen Hanneman, Milwaukee
    • Peter Edward Hansen, Cudahy
    • Eric Richard Hart, Milwaukee
    • Laura Ann Hawkins, Milwaukee
    • Emily Margaret Hinkens, Brookfield
    • Joseph Steven Hoff, Milwaukee
    • Michael Rhett Holland, Wauwatosa
    • Dennis Patrick Hughes Jr., Milwaukee
    • Michael Weisse Hughes, Madison
    • Megan HyeMee Hummel, Milwaukee
    • Robert Brendan Hurley, Madison
    • Brian William Jacobs, Milwaukee
    • Kyle Edward Jesinski, Milwaukee
    • Wilber Rex Johnson III, Menomonee Falls
    • Adam John Johnson, Milwaukee
    • Gabe Johnson-Karp, Milwaukee
    • Brian James Juech, Cedarburg
    • Lori Lee Kalata, Pewaukee
    • Christine Marie Kaminski, Delafield
    • Erin Kekulaokalani Naipo, Spokane, Wash.
    • Han Dong Kim, Madison
    • Matthew Tucker Kleine, Milwaukee
    • Eryn Rachel Knautz, Milwaukee
    • Michael Roberto Knoeller, Milwaukee
    • Sarah Janelle Knutson, Milwaukee
    • Justinian Berner Scott Koenings, Milwaukee
    • Nicole Elizabeth Kowalski, Milwaukee
    • Sumeeta Ashok Krishnaney, Mequon
    • Heather Bonita Kroencke, Lake in the Hills, Ill.
    • Robert Joseph Kuczynski, Wheaton, Ill.
    • Christopher Michael Kuechler, Brookfield
    • Todd Dale LaForest, Milwaukee
    • Daniel Mathias LaFrenz, Milwaukee
    • Brandon David Laird, Milwaukee
    • Travis Saito Laird, Wauwatosa
    • Stacie Lynne Lamb, Milwaukee
    • Kristin Boyle Lee, Shorewood
    • Matthew Curtiss Lein, Stone Lake
    • Rebecca Marie Lindstrom, Milwaukee
    • Maxwell Charles Livingston, Milwaukee
    • Joseph Michael LoCoco, Milwaukee
    • Emily Ison Lonergan, Milwaukee
    • Eric Alan MacMillan, Milwaukee
    • James H. Madlom, Whitefish Bay
    • Steven Joseph Edward Manders, Brookfield
    • Charles Matthew Maring II, Milwaukee
    • Jonathan Mas, Milwaukee
    • Kathryn Lee Mayer, Milwaukee
    • Monica Marlene McKee, Glendale
    • William Patrick McKinley, Wrightstown
    • Andrew Francis Medeiros, Milwaukee
    • Anthony Arthur Meyer, Milwaukee
    • Steven Joseph Michels, Milwaukee
    • Jeffrey Thomas Mies, Milwaukee
    • Barbara Ann Morrison, Menominee
    • Erin K. Naipo, Spokane
    • William Edward Nesnidal, Milwaukee
    • Yvonne Akoth Ochilo, Whitefish Bay
    • Elizabeth Anne Odian, Milwaukee
    • Cain Weiland Oulahan, Milwaukee
    • William Joseph Pao, Mequon
    • Jennifer Louise Pickett, Milwaukee
    • Amanda A. Pirt, Milwaukee
    • Matthew Voss Plummer, Milwaukee
    • Michael Jon Puerner, South Milwaukee
    • Christina Marie Putman, Milwaukee
    • James Robert Daniel Rael, Whitefish Bay
    • Brian David Ralston, Milwaukee
    • Erica Nicole Reib, Milwaukee
    • David Gregory Ress, Milwaukee
    • Benjamin Eduardo Reyes, Milwaukee
    • Joseph Thomas Riehl, Milwaukee
    • Catelin Autumn Ringersma, Milwaukee
    • Meghan Kate Risser, Milwaukee
    • Nicole Samantha Rosen, Milwaukee
    • Ashley Jolene Roth, Milwaukee
    • Anne Marie Ruff, Milwaukee
    • Kevin Michael Rynders, Brookfield
    • Katerina Dorothy Satanovsky, Mequon
    • Daniel James Schauer, Franklin
    • Travis Thomas Schreurs, Milwaukee
    • Sara Nicole Volden Schroeder, Madison
    • Benjamin Whitcomb Schuster, Milwaukee
    • Benjamin Joseph Schwall, West Allis
    • Benjamin Gregory Scott, Milwaukee
    • Kristina Marie Sesek, Milwaukee
    • Sheila Lea Shadman, Milwaukee
    • Paul Tyler Shirk, Waukesha
    • Michael Choi Shull, Appleton
    • Richard Oscar Sienkewicz, Milwaukee
    • Rose Ida Simon, Helenville
    • Michael Andrew Snider, Milwaukee
    • Laura Anne Stack, Milwaukee
    • Patrick Henry Sterk, Milwaukee
    • Naomi Jeanne Stieber, Oak Creek
    • Kevin Terry, Janesville
    • Mary Rebekah Thigpen, Milwaukee
    • KristyAnne Thompson, West Allis
    • Ronald Anthony Troy, Pewaukee
    • Edward Robert Tybor III, Scottsdale
    • Adam Richard Vanderloo, Glendale
    • Anne Kristen Walsh, Elm Grove
    • Angela Cynthia Wang, Brookfield
    • Matthew Edward Weil, Ixonia
    • Matthew Richard Westphal, Milwaukee
    • Shanece Danielle White, Milwaukee
    • Zachary Robert Willenbrink, Milwaukee
    • Nicole Marie Willette, Milwaukee
    • Nathaniel Jacob Wojan, Milwaukee
    • Melisa Ann Wos, Milwaukee
    • Bradley Alec Yanke, Milwaukee
    • Michael Chung-Tien Yeh, Milwaukee
    • Mari Rebecca Zimmermann, Mequon

    The U.W. Law School class of 2011 will be sworn in on June 3.

    By Deb Heneghan, Publications Reporter, State Bar of Wisconsin.


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