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  • Remote banking deposits make banking easier with new member benefit

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    June 1, 2011 – State Bar members can deposit checks and money orders electronically through Remote Deposit Capture from iStream Financial Services.

    “iStream Financial Services presents State Bar of Wisconsin members with a unique opportunity to add cost-saving electronic deposits without having to change their long-standing banking relationships,” says Practice Management Advisor Nerino Petro. “This feature is very attractive to our members, giving them the freedom to choose their bank and still benefit from iStream’s very competitive Remote Deposit Capture service.

    Some benefits of this member service include:

    • iStream’s software makes payment processing more efficient, saving members time and money. No need to fill out deposit slips or drive to the bank.

    • The software is easy to use and catches errors on checks before they are deposited.

    • Members can keep the relationships they already have with their banks.

    Click here to learn more,PDF 884 KB, or contact Adam Dixon, program manager, at (888) 892-1212, ext. 1552.