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    Jan. 5, 2011 – People make a business work, but that work can be complicated. Business owners and operators need to know their rights and obligations, and must be able to readily adapt to new opportunities and challenges. Business law can be complex, and the potential problems are nearly inexhaustible. Business people need a solid business law advisor.

    That would be you. And you need a reliable, fast, and up-to-date source for business law.

    Turn to the Wisconsin Business Advisor Series, a 10-volume set designed to provide lawyers with a quick yet reasonably comprehensive reference for a wide range of business-related issues. The series was developed in close cooperation with the State Bar of Wisconsin Business Law Section, and experienced attorneys served as volunteer authors and reviewers for each volume.

    Each book provides a thorough overview of the most important statutory and case law on the topic, and practical information for putting that knowledge into action. Moreover, each volume is presented in an easy-to-use outline format with practical analysis. A summary of contents, detailed comprehensive table of contents, individual chapter tables of contents, and detailed index enable the user to readily locate information. The sections are clearly delineated, with informative section headings and footnotes, all of which lend themselves to readability and ease of finding information.

    An integrated index to all volumes uses a three-part section numbering system to direct readers to text within specific volumes. Tables of cases and statutes allow users to quickly locate specific primary law references within the text. As with all PINNACLE™ publications, each volume in the series is regularly supplemented to keep it up to date.

    Members can buy individual books for $129 (plus tax and shipping). The entire 10-volume series may be purchased for $895. As with all PINNACLE publications, purchasers who subscribe to automatic supplementation receive future updates at 10 percent off the regular update price.

    The volumes of the Wisconsin Business Advisor Series are all available electronically as part of the State Bar’s subscription-based library, Books UnBound™. For individuals, the subscription cost is $129 per title, $649 for the full Books UnBound library, or $449 for the 10-volume series. For questions or to place an order, contact State Bar Customer Service or click on one of the links in the box.