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  • May 03, 2023

    Law Foundation: Every Member, Every Year

    Your donations to the Wisconsin Law Foundation support its mission to promote access to justice, leadership in the profession, and law-related public service through funding of innovative and creative programs. Here’s how you can help support its mission.
    Wisconsin Law Foundation banner logo

    May 3, 2023 – The Wisconsin Law Foundation is launching the “Every Member, Every Year” campaign to support and expand our mission and work.

    Simply put, the Law Foundation is asking every member to give a donation of any amount to the Law Foundation, the charitable arm of the State Bar, at least once every year.

    With the annual support of every State Bar of Wisconsin member, the Law Foundation will be in a strong position to respond to the need to promote civic understanding, leadership development, access to justice, and programming that promotes greater diversity and inclusion.

    Your Law Foundation was able to respond to these needs because of the past generosity of donors, like you. With the annual support of all 25,000 State Bar members, we will be empowered to continue to support critically needed programs and services at a time when demand and need has never been higher.

    Our efforts are ambitious, but we cannot do it without the support of every member of Wisconsin’s legal profession. Your support today and every year is critical to your Law Foundation’s ability to address and expand its reach in support worthy projects and programs in every corner of our state.

    Please join us today by committing to make an annual contribution – in any amount. You choose when, you choose how much. With the support of Every Member, Every Year our impact will continue to grow ever stronger into the future.

    Ways to Give

    WLF QR Code
    • include a donation on line 9 of your State Bar dues statement; or

    • donate online at

    • use your phone camera to scan the QR code:
      • To scan the code, open the camera app on your phone, then point the camera at the QR code and a banner will appear. When you tap the banner, it opens the donation webpage on

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