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  • August 16, 2023

    WSSFC Preview: Jumping the Generation Gap

    Aug. 16, 2023 – Alexis Garuz, a young lawyer, says that the one of the biggest differences she notices among clients from different generations is their communications preferences.

    “One of the things I like to focus on at the outset of the case is really getting down to is ‘What is my client’s preferred form of communication,’” Garuz said. “I find that a lot of younger folks tend to want to be able to text their attorney or email them.”

    Garuz is one of three panelists scheduled to present an afternoon plenary entitled “Jumping the Generation Gap” on Thursday, Aug. 19 at the annual State Bar of Wisconsin Solo & Small-firm Conference (WSSFC).

    One lesson Garuz has learned from colleagues is that older modes of communication aren’t necessarily inferior. Garzuz said that, until recently, she kept a paper calendar.

    “You can innovate and try new things,” Garuz said. “But don’t necessarily get rid of all the old school stuff.

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