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  • June 02, 2021

    50-Year Members: Classes of 1970-71 Entered Profession in Turbulent Times

    The Vietnam War continued overseas and protests mounted here in the states as the classes of 1970 and 1971 entered the legal profession. Now, they celebrate 50 years.

    Joe Forward

    June 2, 2021 – The classes of 1970 and 1971 entered the profession during turbulent times. The Vietnam War continued overseas and protests mounted here in the states.

    The country was still on edge, two years after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and six years removed from the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

    On May 4, 1970, members of the Ohio National Guard shot and killed four student demonstrators and wounded nine others at Kent State University.

    Four months later, on Aug. 27, 1970, a bomb went off at Sterling Hall at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In between that time, the Charles Manson Trial began.

    In 1971, the states ratified the 26th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, lowering the voting age to 18, and the world’s first microprocessors marked the start of a digital age.

    This was the landscape as new lawyers entered the legal profession. Some entered government roles, others became private practitioners, judges, or law professors. Many engaged in civic or political activities that helped shape their communities.

    Over the next few issues of InsideTrack, we will feature a number of 50-year State Bar members who graduated from law school in 1970 or 1971.

    While we can’t profile everyone, we can acknowledge this tremendous milestone for each of them. Below is a list of all 50-year members from the classes of 1970 and 1971, with brief career highlights on some on the list. Watch for more to come.

    The Chief Judge: Richard Brown

    Richard Brown

    A member of the class of 1971, it took only six years for Richard Brown, at age 32, to be elected to District II of the newly established Wisconsin Court of Appeals. In 2015, he retired as chief judge of the Appeals Court, after 37 years on the bench.

    Brown, however, never wanted to be a judge in the first place. He was getting comfortable as an up-and-coming litigator in the Oshkosh area, and had no such plans.

    He told that story, and offered other highlights from his career – including the challenge of losing his hearing in 1983 – in a retirement profile published in InsideTrack in 2015.

    “I look back and think that someone was looking down on me,” said Brown, who authored more than 1,800 opinions while serving as a Court of Appeals judge and was widely regarded for his opinion writing. “God had a plan when I ran for the appeals court. It was at that point in my life that I became spiritual.”

    First Woman Judge: Moria Krueger

    Moria Krueger

    The classes of 1970 and 1971, includes about 400 attorneys, and only 13 of them are women (about 3 percent).

    Of course, women make up about half of today’s graduating law school classes, but that was not the case in 1970, when Moria Krueger graduated.

    “Being a new lawyer in 1970 was very different for a woman than it was for a man,” said Krueger, who would go on to become the Dane County Circuit Court’s first woman judge, after winning a controversial election covered by the New York Times

    Krueger became a judge in 1977, at the age of 33. In a forthcoming profile, Krueger discusses her path to the bench, and her judicial career, despite the challenges

    The City Attorney: Grant Langley

    Grant Langley

    Grant F. Langley, a 1970 graduate of Marquette Law School, made such an impact over the course of his 50 years, he has a State Bar of Wisconsin Award named after him.

    The city attorney for Milwaukee for 36 years, Langley won nine, four-year terms by election and in 2020, received the Government Lawyers Division Service Award. The award is now called the Grant F. Langley Service Award.

    Melanie Rutledge, a former colleague at the city attorney’s office, said Langley “selflessly and generously gave his time, incredible intelligence, and high ethical standards to the GLD, the State Bar, and as a government lawyer” for decades.

    Langley began his career as an assistant city attorney in 1971 and was first elected as city attorney in 1984. As the city’s lawyer, he has represented countless matters involving the city and its officials, departments, boards, and agencies.

    He also oversaw a team of assistant city attorneys who litigate and advise cases in all areas of law, including civil rights and personal injury, tax assessment and collection, employment and labor, real estate and housing, and ordinance enforcement

    In recent years, Langley oversaw efforts to deal with neglected and abandoned properties in through court-appointed receiverships on foreclosed properties, as well as contract negotiations to construct Fiserv Forum, home of the Milwaukee Bucks.

    Lions of Civil Legal Aid: Thomas Cannon, John Ebbott, and James Gramling Jr.

    Thomas Cannon, John Ebbott, and James Gramling Jr.

    Pictured from left: Thomas Cannon, John Ebbott, and James Gramling Jr.

    When Thomas G. Cannon graduated from U.W. Law School in 1971, he joined the Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee, which represents indigent clients in civil cases. He went on to become executive director of that organization. Later on, he did it again.

    In 1985, Cannon – a skilled litigator – joined what is now O’Neil, Cannon, Hollman, Dejong & Laing, litigating complex cases and earning numerous awards and accolades. He also joined the Marquette Law faculty and stayed on Legal Aid Society’s board.

    The Milwaukee Sentinel, in 1976, described Cannon as a “low-key lightning bolt” in the courtroom, just five years out of law school. He went on to represent clients in many high-profile cases of the day and “retired” in the early 2000s.

    Joe ForwardJoe Forward, Saint Louis Univ. School of Law 2010, is a legal writer for the State Bar of Wisconsin, Madison. He can be reached by email or by phone at (608) 250-6161.

    But when the Legal Aid Society ran into funding troubles in 2005, he agreed to return as executive director. Cannon stayed on to lead that organization until retiring in 2014.

    John Ebbott, a 1970 graduate of U.W. Law School, spent his entire career representing the poor populations of Wisconsin through various legal aid organizations.

    He became executive director of Legal Action of Wisconsin in 1990, and served in that role until his retirement in 2014. In 2006, Ebbott received the Howard B. Eisenberg Lifetime Achievement Award from the Wisconsin Equal Justice Fund.

    Both Ebbott and Cannon led efforts for a “Civil Gideon” in Wisconsin, which would give indigent persons a right to appointed counsel in civil cases involving basic human needs. They joined forces to file a Civil Gideon petition in 2010, but it was denied.

    James Gramling Jr., who graduated from law school in 1971, is another lawyer who championed the causes of the indigent and underrepresented.

    He joined Legal Action of Wisconsin in 1978 and in 1983, argued and won a seminal landlord-tenant case in which the state supreme court upheld the right of prevailing tenants to receive attorneys’ fees in security deposit cases.

    Gramling served as a Milwaukee municipal court judge from 1986 to 2007. He went on to serve as president of the Wisconsin Access to Justice Commission.

    Migrant Farmworker to Judge and Beyond: Ness Flores

    Ness Flores

    Ness Flores initially came to Wisconsin from Texas as a migrant farmworker. Flores was the first in his family to go to college, then decided to attend law school, graduating from U.W. Law School in 1970.

    Flores was a public defender for Spanish-speaking people in Milwaukee County early in his career, and helped establish a civil legal services program for migrant farmworkers before his appointment to the Waukesha County Circuit Court bench in 1978.

    He served until 1983, when he has appointed chair of the Public Service Commission. After three years, he returned to private practice as a litigator and ultimately served as a part-time project director with Legal Action of Wisconsin.

    “At least 50 percent of my clientele was Latino or Hispanic,” Flores said in a 2016 article that details Flores’ career of service. Flores was chosen as a recipient of the Wisconsin Law Foundation’s Charles L. Goldberg Distinguished Service Award in 2016. “When I retired, a lot of them really let me know that they appreciated me. That made me proud.”

    The Original TG (Tech Guru): Byll Hess

    Byll Hess

    Wausau attorney William (Byll) Hess, who carried his cell phone in a shoulder bag in the 1970s, has always explored how law office technologies could help lawyers.

    The 1970 graduate of U.W. Law School was beta testing law office technology early in his career, and documenting processes that could make lawyers more efficient.

    Thirty years later, in the early 2000s, Hess helped create the State Bar’s Law Office Management Assistance Program (LOMAP), now known as Practice 411.

    “I had worked for a long time on trying to introduce opportunities for solo and small-firm lawyers to become more technology savvy,” Hess said in 2017, when he received the State Bar of Wisconsin’s Lifetime Innovator Award.

    The Sports Lawyer: Marty Greenburg

    Marty Greenburg

    Martin J. Greenberg, a native Milwaukeean, was the first member of his family to go to college. He graduated from Marquette Law School in 1971.

    Greenberg dove head first into real estate law and soon became Marquette Law School’s real estate law professor while practicing and writing real estate law books.

    While teaching at Marquette, he became best friends with the basketball coach Rick Majerus  and helped recruit some of the team’s top talent. He also saw a seminar on becoming a sports agent and asked the law school dean if he could attend.

    “I came back and said, ‘this is probably going to be one of the biggest fields in the future for young lawyers in law school. We need to get ahead of the game.’”

    In 1989, Greenberg founded the National Sports Law Institute at Marquette University Law School, now a huge national draw for aspiring sports & entertainment lawyers.

    Speaking of sports lawyers, you might know the name Pat Richter, a 1971 graduate of U.W. Law School. In 1989, Richter was installed as U.W.’s athletic director and helped revive Badger athletics, in large part by hiring Badger Football Coach Barry Alvarez.

    Other Profiles Coming

    UW Law School Class Photo of 1971

    The University of Wisconsin Law School’s alumni online photo collection spans 1873 to present day. This snippet is taken from the Class of 1971.

    Watch for more 50-year member profiles, including more on Judge Krueger and Marty Greenberg, as well as Hector de law Mora, Walter Dickey, Marshall Gratz, Tom Sleik, and Rick Phelps.

    Congratulations to members who graduated from law school in 1970 and 1971 and now celebrate 50 years as State Bar members and valued members of the legal community.

    Class of 1970

    · Robert J. Andersen, Madison

    · Thomas William Anderson, Kenosha

    · Gordon A. Anderson, Sun Prairie

    · Paul F. Angel, Dodgeville, IL

    · Frederic J. Artwick, Chicago, IL

    · Gary G. Auer, Calabasas

    · Sara J. Bales, Chicago, IL

    · Edward A. Bartolomei, S​an Antonio, TX

    · Robert Edmund Bertram, Milwaukee

    · Gordon R. Beyerlein, Janesville

    · William D. Black, Phoenix, AZ

    · David Boxer, Milwaukee

    · Neil T. Bradley, Avondale Estates, GA

    · Robert K. Brookman, Chicago, IL

    · Thomas E. Brown, Milwaukee

    · Robert E. Browne, Chicago, IL

    · Peter W. Bruce, Milwaukee

    · Stephen R. Buggs, Platteville

    · Kenneth J. Bukowski, Green Bay

    · John Buster, Huntington Park, CA

    · Donald J. Cairns, Milwaukee

    · Jay S. Carmichael, Tomah

    · Kent I. Carnell, Madison

    · Terrence S. Cerni, Dousman

    · David S. Chartier, Mukwonago

    · Charles D. Clausen, Saukville

    · Robert V. Conover, Elkhorn

    · Henry Hayes Conti, Green Lake

    · Robert B. Corris, Hartland

    · James L. Crane, III, New York, NY

    · Bruce C. Davidson, Milwaukee

    · Steven C. Dilley, East Lansing, MI

    · William R. Doerr, Eagle River

    · Stephen E. Doleschal, Verona

    · William L. Dusso, Madison

    · Hon. James Carroll Eaton, Chetek

    · John F. Ebbott, Helenville

    · Sandra A. Edhlund, Milwaukee

    · Rodney E. Edwards, Duluth, MN

    · Carolyn M. Edwards, Wauwatosa

    · Phyllis J. Eisen, Naples, FL

    · Robert L. Elliott, Milwaukee

    · N. Richard Elliott, Bay View, MI

    · Michael Carlton Elmer, Palo Alto, CA

    · Howard J. Eslien, Oconto Falls

    · Emil T. Everix, Lancaster

    · Lowell G. Fassett, La Crosse

    · E. Anthony Fessler, Sheboygan

    · Hon. John Vincent Finn, Stevens Point

    · Curry First, Asheville, NC

    · Christopher M. Fischer, Nashua, NH

    · Robert J. Fisher, Downers Grove, IL

    · Hon. Ness Flores, Waukesha

    · Hon. Kenneth W. Forbeck, Beloit

    · William W. Garner, Bethesda, MD

    · Andrew F. Giffin, Wellesley, MA

    · James R. Glover, Raleigh, NC

    · Stephen M. Glynn, Sarasota, FL

    · William A. Gomes, Middleton

    · Paul J. Gossens, Milwaukee

    · Danny G. Graff, Mosinee

    · Thomas Edward Greenwald, Draper, UT

    · Morton M. Grodsky, Milwaukee

    · Richard B. Hammerstrom, Madison

    · John N. Hanson, Washington, DC

    · Hal Harlowe, Madison

    · John W. Hein, Milwaukee

    · Richard Martin Helgeson, South Pasadena, CA

    · Thomas A. Hendrickson, Dewitt, MI

    · Stephen J. Herzberg, Bodega Bay, CA

    · William C. Hess, Mosinee

    · Joseph P. Hildebrandt, Middleton

    · David A. Hildebrandt, Paradise, UT

    · William R. Hotz, Brookfield

    · John B. Howell, Sheboygan

    · Charles R. Irish, Middleton

    · Ronald E. Jacquart, Milwaukee

    · Marjorie Ellen Jansen, Milwaukee

    · Geoffrey P. Jarpe, Minneapolis, MN

    · Grant C. Johnson, Mount Horeb

    · Robert F. Johnson, Milwaukee

    · Philip L. Johnson, Sturgeon Bay

    · David J. Jolivette, Chicago, IL

    · Lawrence P. Kahn, Milwaukee

    · Daniel J. Kanera, Two Rivers

    · Jeffrey Kaufman, Tiburon, CA

    · Thomas J. Kelly, II, Spring Green

    · Richard J. Kelly, Eau Claire

    · Glenn R. Kessel, Minneapolis, MN

    · Louis V. Kiefor, Calumet City, IL

    · Terrence E. Kiwala, Lake Forest, IL

    · Joseph J. Klein, Madison

    · Leonard L. Kleinman, Scarsdale, NY

    · Gregory E. Knoke, Monroe

    · Dennis W. Kozich, Middleton

    · Stephen R. Kramer, Annapolis, MD

    · Hon. Moria G. Krueger, Madison

    · Thomas Paul Krukowski, Wales

    · Robert C. Lally, Brookfield

    · Alan J. Lamia, Shawano

    · John F. Lampe, Harvard, IL

    · Richard J. Lang, Northbrook, IL

    · Grant F. Langley, Milwaukee

    · David M. Leeman, Silver Spring, MD

    · Bruce A. Lehman, Washington, DC

    · Jonathan E. Lindberg, Mauston

    · Vincent J. Lo Duca, New Berlin

    · David S. Lott, Chicago, IL

    · Hon. Dennis C. Luebke, Appleton

    · David J. Lukas, Manitowish Waters

    · Kevin J. Lyons, Milwaukee

    · Daniel A. MacDonald, Madison

    · Priscilla R. MacDougall, Evanston, IL

    · Perry L. Margoles, Winthrop Harbor, IL

    · Hon. Wayne J. Marik, Racine

    · Michael Edward McMorrow, Clearwater, FL

    · William A. Metcalf, Wisconsin Rapids

    · David A. Middaugh, Seattle, WA

    · Gary A. Miller, Madison

    · Phillip Anthony Montalvo, Belleville, IL

    · William H. Nehrkorn, Naples, FL

    · Michael K. Nolan, Bradenton, FL

    · Prof. Dennis R. Nolan, Saint Helena Island, SC

    · Gerard J. O'Flaherty, La Crosse

    · Frederick Thomas Olson, King

    · William C. Oltman, Tacoma, WA

    · Edward M. Parsons, Jr., Madison

    · Jerome W. Perry, Rochester, MN

    · Kenneth P. Peterson, La Crosse

    · R. William Phenicie, Austin, TX

    · Perry D. Pierre, Seymour

    · G. Brian Pingel, Des Moines, IA

    · Wayne F. Plaza, Inverness, IL

    · Mark F. Polzin, North Port, FL

    · Richard L. Prosise, Verona


    · Kenneth Joseph Quincey, Beaver Dam

    · E. John Raasch, Pewaukee

    · Andrew M. Rajec, Broadview Heights, OH

    · Richard J. Rakita, Mequon

    · Gerald H. Rammer, Neenah

    · Hon. J David Rice, Sparta

    · Dennis E. Robertson, Monona

    · Robert C. Roth, Jr., Denver, CO

    · John W. Rowe, Chicago, IL

    · Frank William Russo, Milwaukee

    · Fredrick James Safer, Jerusalem

    · Steven Schaars, Morristown, NJ

    · Thomas T. Schrader, Lancaster

    · Raymond E. Schrank, II, Muskego

    · Frank A. Schubert, Waupaca

    · Jeffrey Samuel Schuster, Milwaukee

    · Chester P. Schwartz, Denver, CO

    · Fern Siegel, Seminole, FL

    · James Roy Smith, Sturgeon Bay

    · Dennis W. Soldon, Shorewood

    · John H. Spellman, Newburyport, MA

    · Scott H. Stege, Majuro, MH

    · James G. Stowers, Grafton

    · Bruce D. Strathearn, Menomonee Falls

    · Robert L. Swanson, Stroud, OK

    · Howard A. Sweet, Madison, WI

    · Willard Paul Techmeier, Milwaukee

    · W. Thomas Terwilliger, Wausau

    · Emmett W. Terwilliger, Lancaster

    · Robert E. Thomas, Milwaukee

    · Joe Thrasher, Rice Lake

    · Dennis S. Tilton, North Las Vegas, NV

    · J. Edward Tippetts, Mequon

    · Jerome P. Tlusty, Schofield

    · Duane Darrel Tschetter, Winneconne

    · Frederick M. Van Hecke, Grafton

    · Hon. Gary L. Vanderhoof, Las Vegas, NV

    · John Duncan Varda, Madison

    · David G. Walsh, Madison

    · Roger H. Weede, Dubois, WY

    · Frank R. Wiemerslage, Elkhorn

    · Cletus R. Willems, Bonita Springs, FL

    · Allen W. Williams, Jr., Milwaukee

    · Michael D. Zimler, Halesite, NY

    Class of 1971

    · Jeffrey L. Abraham, Waukesha

    · Richard D. Alaniz, Houston, TX

    · Jerry R. Albert, Tucson, AZ

    · Warren G. Andersen, Hampton, NH

    · William E. Appel, Green Bay

    · Jerold E. Aubry, Neptune Beach, FL

    · Janice M. Baldwin, Middleton

    · Robert C. Beckman, Singapore 00511

    · Joseph J. Beisenstein, Appleton

    · Walter W. Bell, Lake Geneva

    · Herbert M. Berkowitz, Temple Terrace, FL

    · Frederic J. Berns, Whitehall

    · James R. Black, Denver, CO

    · Michael M. Blanton, San Antonio, TX

    · Philip E. Bloedorn, Wilmington, NC

    · David A. Blumberg, Glendale

    · Bryan J. Borman, West Bend

    · Richard J. Boyd, Scottsdale, AZ

    · David R. Braithwaite, Madison

    · Joseph C. Branch, Mequon

    · Nicholas J. Brazeau, Wisconsin Rapids

    · Marc I. Bressman, Short Hills, NJ

    · Barbara B. Briggs, Sarasota, FL

    · Hon. Audrey Y. Brooks, Tucson, AZ

    · Hon. Richard S. Brown, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

    · Thomas S. Burke, Luxemburg

    · Rene R. Burkhalter, Banks, OR

    · Robert E. Burr, Phoenix, AZ

    · Robert C. Burrell, Milwaukee

    · Thomas G. Cannon, Milwaukee

    · Lyman A. Carter, Lutz, FL

    · John E. Carter, Jr., Racine

    · Kenneth P. Casey, Madison

    · James L. Cirilli, Superior

    · James R. Clark, Milwaukee

    · Gerald E. Connolly, Clintonville

    · Dennis M. Cook, Whitefish Bay

    · John H. Correll, McFarland

    · James A. Corrigan, Chicago, IL

    · Kevin B. Cronin, Verona

    · John C. Curran, Milwaukee

    · Hon. James P. Czajkowski, Wauzeka

    · Terrance E. Davczyk, Mosinee

    · Hector de la Mora, Waukesha

    · Richard Depka, Greenfield

    · Richard D. D'Estrada, Englewood, CO

    · Alan H. Deutch, Fox Point

    · Patrick J. Devitt, Milwaukee

    · Fredric R. Dichter, Vero Beach, FL

    · Walter J. Dickey, Sauk City

    · David G. Diercks, Middleton

    · Ronald L. Diersen, Kenosha

    · Thomas E. Dixon, Jr., Madison

    · Peter M. Donohue, Milwaukee

    · John T. Eakins, Renton, WA

    · James F. Eldridge, Sun Prairie

    · William J. Ewald, Green Bay

    · Dennis Anthony Ferrazzano, Chicago, IL

    · Edward J. Fink, Madison

    · Michael W. Ford, Gainesville, FL

    · James S. Frank, New York, NY

    · Robert A. Fredrickson, Rockford, IL

    · David R. Friedman, Madison

    · Alan Frost, Webster, NY

    · William D. Gehl, Whitefish Bay

    · James P. Gerlach, Reedsburg

    · John J. Germanotta, Milwaukee

    · William J. Gilbert, Hudson

    · Jay C. Gitchel, Evansville

    · John J. Glinski, Middleton

    · John P. Goggin, Chicago, IL

    · James M. Gorman, Blackhawk, CA

    · James A. Gramling, Jr., Milwaukee

    · David F. Grams, Madison

    · Richard R. Grant, Madison

    · Marshall L. Gratz, Shorewood

    · Earl P. Gray, Saint Paul, MN

    · Martin J. Greenberg, Glendale

    · David H. Gregerson, Minneapolis, MN

    · Raymond R. Greig, Manitowoc

    · Alan E. Grischke, Wausau

    · Ross F. Hamachek, Washington, DC

    · Charles J. Hausmann, Milwaukee

    · Lawrence R. Heath, Lake Tomahawk

    · H. Joseph Hildebrand, Oshkosh

    · Robert S. Hillis, West Allis

    · D. Jeffrey Hirschberg, Bethesda, MD

    · Willard G. Holgate, Corpus Christi, TX

    · Dennis W. Hollman, Milwaukee

    · Paul R. Horvath, Appleton


    · Robert D. Hoyt, Monona

    · Robin J. Irwin, Mequon

    · Stanley S. Jaspan, Milwaukee

    · J. Michael Jerry, Green Bay

    · Paul L. Jonjak, Lyons, CO

    · Louis D. Kaiser, Hartland

    · Albert R. Karel, Los Angeles, CA

    · David A. Keene, Alexandria, VA

    · Michael E. Kehoe, Kenosha

    · Kevin J. Kelley, Three Lakes

    · Gerald A. Kiefer, Bradenton, FL

    · Hon. Robert E. Kinney, Hartland

    · Thomas H. Knoll, Wauwatosa

    · Terrence K. Knudsen, Milwaukee

    · Robert G. Krohn, Janesville

    · Ronald W. Kuehn, Madison

    · Marc G. Kurzman, Minneapolis, MN

    · Harold Langhammer, Madison

    · Jean H. Lawton, Madison

    · Marc C. Leslie, Brooksville, FL

    · Marvin J. Levy, Madison

    · James S. Lindgren, New London

    · Fred Loeb, Mequon

    · James J. Long, Des Moines, IA

    · Richard V. Lubinski, Seymour

    · Richard C. Lund, Edina, MN

    · Anthony J. Machi, Hales Corners

    · Charles P. Magyera, Milwaukee

    · Clarence W. Malick, Hudson

    · Douglas J. Malueg, Clintonville

    · Dale F. Martell, Washington

    · Dale L. Matschullat, Chicago, IL

    · Michael P. McDonough, Fridley, MN

    · Hon. William M. McMonigal, Neshkoro

    · John F. McNally, Milwaukee

    · Robert J. McNeil, Delafield

    · Eugene A. Messina, Madison

    · Robert N. Meyeroff, Milwaukee

    · Hon. James O. Miller, Portage

    · John C. Mitby, Scottsdale, AZ

    · Hon. Daniel R. Moeser, Madison

    · Don S. Molter, Jr., Muskego

    · Edmund J. Moriarty, West Palm Beach, FL

    · Brian R. Mudd, Green Bay

    · Hon. Michael J. Mulroy, Onalaska

    · Arthur B. Nathan, Clover, SC

    · Ronald F. Neville, Park Ridge, IL

    · Bernard R. Nevoral, Dixon, IL

    · Hon. Daniel A. Noonan, Vero Beach, FL

    · Kevin E. O'Neil,l Milwaukee

    · Hon. David W. Paulson, Racine

    · Arvin Peltz, Miami, FL

    · Jon P. Peterson, Wausau

    · Richard J. Phelps, Madison

    · Thomas J. Pilacek, Winter Springs, FL

    · Bruce Eben Pindyck, Milwaukee

    · Douglas W. Plier, Horicon

    · Ronald G. Poquette, Eau Claire

    · Hon. Benjamin D. Proctor, Eau Claire

    · Michael L. Quirk, Milwaukee

    · William T. Read, Madison

    · Joseph M. Recka, Green Bay

    · Abbott J. Reeves, Ilfracombe, United Kingdom

    · Alfred S. Regnery, Washington, DC

    · David C. Rice, Middleton

    · Louis H. Rice, Westlake, OH

    · Stephen E. Richman, Thiensville

    · Pat Richter, Madison

    · Larry J. Roberts, Ventura, CA

    · Mary Lou Robinson, Greenleaf

    · James F. Roegge, Minneapolis, MN

    · Bruce J. Rosen, Madison

    · Joel H. Rosenthal, Milwaukee

    · Maris Rushevics, Stevens Point

    · Alan Arthur Sachs, Saint Louis, MO

    · James R. Schirott, Itasca, IL

    · John P. Schmidtke, Brussels

    · Joseph C. Schmitt, Roanoke, TX

    · Lawrence J. Schmitt, Racine

    · Eli H. Schmukler, Madison

    · Thomas M. Schneiger, Portland, OR

    · Howard B. Schoenfeld, Brookfield

    · Bruce D. Schrimpf, Cedarburg

    · Hon. Bruce E. Schroeder, Kenosha

    · William J. Schulz, Brookfield

    · Norman Schwartz, Milwaukee

    · James W. Sengstock, Fort Myers, FL

    · Allen Silverstein, Wauwatosa

    · Ronald M. Singer, Kenosha

    · Alexander G. Sklenarz, Elm Grove (deceased)

    · Thomas S. Sleik, La Crosse

    · Daniel L. Smart, Mukwonago

    · Stewart J. Smith, Green Bay

    · James E. Snodgrass, Grafton

    · Marc R. Solochek, Huntington, WV

    · Dennis R. Sotebeer, Watertown

    · James A. Spella, West Bend

    · Jerry Statkus, Milwaukee

    · Michael J. Steckelis, Madison

    · L. Mandy Stellman, Pembroke Pines, FL

    · Leo G. Stern, Saint Paul, MN

    · Michael A. Stiegel, Winnetka, IL

    · Donald K. Stitt, Jacksonville, FL

    · Richard G. Stoll, Milwaukee\

    · Dewitt J. Strong, Madison

    · James E. Sugar, Madison

    · John B. Tallman, III, Portland, OR

    · John R. Teetaert, Appleton

    · Richard C. Thompson, Onalaska

    · Robert E. Toftey, Duluth, MN

    · Allen T. Trapp, La Crosse

    · Mario J. Ventura, Jr., Pleasant Prairie

    · Frank V. Volpintesta, Hartford

    · Michael J. Vowinkel, Sheboygan Falls

    · James H. Voxman, Madison

    · Anne Taylor Wadsack, Madison

    · William J. Wagner, Arlington, VA

    · Russell M. Ware, Greendale

    · Robert K. Weber, Racine

    · Warren D. Weinstein, Madison

    · Thomas G. White, Janesville

    · Theodore C. Widder, III, Madison

    · Wyon F. Wiegratz, Neenah

    · Bradford W. Wilcox, Fort Atkinson

    · Peter C. Williams, Madison

    · Steffan R. Winter, Manitowoc

    · Miriam Witlin, Annandale, VA

    · Michael Wolfe, Chicago, IL

    · Mary Wright, Helena, MT

    · William A. Wulf, Merrill

    · Joseph J. Ziino, Jr., Brookfield

    · Thomas J. Zoesch, Appleton

    · James R. Zuhlke, Barrington, IL


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