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  • November 18, 2020

    Effective Marketing for Small Firms: Focus on a Strong Brand, a Powerful Message

    Marketing your law firm requires a strong message that gets "out there" in multiple areas. Here are considerations for marketing your firm from Tyler Roberts, NOMOS Marketing – a new member benefit partner with the State Bar of Wisconsin.

    Tyler Roberts

    marketing megaphone

    Nov. 18, 2020 – The foundation of great marketing comes down to the message. But sometimes you need help to figure that out – because one size does not fit all.

    Take, for example, Natasha Misra. About three years ago, Misra, a personal injury attorney in Milwaukee, founded her solo practice, Natasha Misra Law, in a very competitive market dominated by a handful of well-known players.

    Her message needed to cut through the noise – a very big challenge.

    Whether you are marketing on your own or enlisting an agency to help you, three considerations help create a marketing plan to bring in clients: branding, getting the message out, and measuring results.

    What Leads Someone to Pick Up the Phone?

    The ultimate question for marketing is this: What leads a person to pick up the phone and call a particular lawyer?

    Tyler RobertsTyler Roberts is an attorney and co-founder of NOMOS Marketing.

    The problem with a one-size-fits-all approach to legal marketing is that every law firm is different, and every legal market is different. What is effective for one lawyer may not be for another. This is especially true for law firms in Wisconsin, where client demographics can shift dramatically depending on geography. Metropolitan cities, college towns, and rural communities all require a different approach to marketing.

    People want to connect with people, not a faceless law firm. Consumers don’t hire a lawyer simply because they write blog posts or publish content on social media. They hire them because they feel a human connection to that firm and developed trust with the brand through informative content, reviews, or storytelling.

    The Basics of Good Legal Marketing: A Strong Brand, a Powerful Message

    As I mentioned earlier, the foundation of great marketing comes down to the message. The basics of good legal messaging include having a strong brand, creating a memorable logo, and crafting a tagline that conveys who the lawyer is in a few punchy words.

    Misra, at her former firm, developed strong personal relationships with her clients and cultivated a unique image as a young female attorney in a predominantly male-dominated legal market. In developing a marketing plan, we needed to find a way to refine this messaging and find ways to communicate it to prospective clients.

    To start with, messaging is communicated through branding and logo design – and both need to be effective in both digital and print media. The logo is used on multiple mediums, including window decals, flyers, stationery, pens, and other items. During COVID-19, for example, Misra used her logo to brand hand sanitizer for clients.

    Misra, as a female attorney in a male-dominated legal market, offered a fresh perspective to the practice of law. Coming from a high-volume plaintiffs firm, she now had the opportunity to provide a more personalized client experience. Her tagline “Not Just Another Suit,” succinctly describes her approach to law for prospective clients.

    Getting the Message Out

    Hand sanitizer is great, but the message should hit as many areas as possible. This includes website content, social media posts, Google pay-per-click ads, and Facebook ads.

    It’s not all digital: marketing includes print brochures, letterhead, flyers, holiday cards, and other items. (If you’re in Milwaukee, you may have spotted Misra’s billboards with “Not Just Another Suit” boldly displayed above the highway).

    Putting It Together: Measuring Marketing Results

    To be most efficient, you’ve got to measure results, because marketing ultimately comes down to return on investment.

    For example, as we worked with Natasha Misra Law, we learned a lot about what types of data were important for a new law firm. We set up a monthly reporting call to share analytics and data with Misra, then compare that data against new client numbers and phone calls. Looking at historical trends, rather than weekly or monthly snapshots, we could see how different marketing strategies built on top of one another to create brand recognition in the crowded Milwaukee market.

    Here’s how it might work: potential clients might receive a brochure from Natasha Misra Law. Then, as they are driving to work, they may see a billboard for the law firm. When they search for Natasha Misra Law online, they discover her website, which has images of Natasha, her office, and the law firm’s logo. On her website, they learn more about her and her approach to the practice of law and see testimonials from past clients.

    All of these touchpoints are consistent, and ultimately lead that potential client to call your firm for a consultation, which is the purpose of marketing – to bring clients to your door.

    Find out more on about NOMOS Marketing and other State Bar member benefit partners offering discounted services.

    Interested in more marketing tips? See Marketing: Budget-friendly Marketing Methods to Attract New Clients, in the November 2020 issue of Wisconsin Lawyer magazine.

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