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  • February 05, 2020

    Need Advice from a Colleague? Turn to Lawyer-to-Lawyer Directory

    The State Bar of Wisconsin Lawyer-to-Lawyer Directory is an online resource for State Bar members to help each other by gaining and giving advice – and the possibility of gaining and giving client referrals.
    Talking on the phone

    Feb. 5, 2020 – Ever wonder who you can turn to for quick advice in a certain practice area?

    Finding that advice is easy with the State Bar of Wisconsin’s online Lawyer-to-Lawyer Directory (login required).

    It’s is a great way to find other lawyers by location and practice area – simply by navigating to

    And, by signing up to be listed in the directory, you can offer assistance to your colleagues who need it.

    How It Works

    The Lawyer-to-Lawyer Directory is an online, searchable list of nearly 400 lawyers willing to consult with other lawyers who have questions or need guidance in an area of practice.

    Lawyers listed in the directory agree to share their knowledge in particular areas of law with other lawyers through free, brief consultations (about 10 minutes) by email or phone.

    The online directory allows you to readily search by topic, location, or name to find other lawyers willing to share their knowledge in 47 specific areas of law – from administrative law to worker’s compensation.

    It is a directory for member-to-member use only, not a referral guide for the public. And signing up to be listed won’t result in a large time commitment.

    “I am listed in several categories, and get maybe two calls a year,” said Brookfield attorney Kent Tess-Mattner.

    In addition to learning more about an unfamiliar area of law, you can also use it to learn more about the courts in other counties.

    But There’s More …

    Joining this network of attorneys helps increase competence within the profession and provides better delivery of legal services to the public. Your listing is also a great way to give – and even receive – client referrals.

    “While adding your name to the directory means you are willing to give up to a 10-minute telephone call to a fellow State Bar member to share your expertise, it is used by many lawyers – including me –  to look for lawyers to whom to refer cases,” says Tess-Mattner.

    Tess-Mattner said he receives at least two referrals per year thanks to being listed in the directory. “This is a great reason why more lawyers should sign up for the directory,” he said.

    Get Listed or Find a Colleague

    To search for a lawyer or to get listed, log in to, then go to

    You can also find the directory on by clicking on “Directories” at the very top of the page (near “Lawyer Search” and “Legal Research”). Note that you must be logged in to use the directory.

    To be listed in this free directory, you should

    • be an active member of the State Bar of Wisconsin;

    • have experience in one or more practice areas; and

    • be willing to conduct brief consultations by email or phone (roughly 10 minutes in length), free of charge, with other attorneys having less experience in that area of practice.

    To access the fillable online registration form, log in to and see the Lawyer-to-Lawyer Directory webpage.

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