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  • October 21, 2020

    340 Lawyers Donate More Than 17,000 Pro Bono Hours in 2019

    Congratulations to the 340 lawyers who are recognized as part of the Wisconsin Pro Bono Honor Society, which honors lawyers who provide pro bono legal services in excess of 50 hours each year.
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    Oct. 21, 2020 – Everyone should be equal under the eyes of the law, says Madison attorney Kendall Harrison, “But we all know that this isn’t always the case. Lawyers can be part of the solution.”

    Harrison is shareholder for Godfrey & Kahn SC, Madison, which is the 2020 recipient of the Pro Bono Law Firm of the Year Award from the State Bar of Wisconsin Legal Assistance Committee.

    “The Pledge of Allegiance ends with these words: ‘Liberty and justice for all.’ When you take on a pro bono case, that’s the higher good that you are serving: Liberty and justice for all, no matter your race, color, creed, or the size of your bank account,” Harrison said.

    A commitment to pro bono service is one way that reinforces the role of lawyers as true professionals in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Access to Justice Commission and the State Bar of Wisconsin Pro Bono Program are proud to recognize these 340 lawyers as 2019 Wisconsin Pro Bono Honor Society members.

    The Commission created the honor society to annually recognize Wisconsin lawyers who volunteer a substantial amount of their time to help improve the administration of justice and expand access to justice for low-income Wisconsin residents.

    Through SCR 20:6.1, the Wisconsin Supreme Court set a goal of 50 hours of pro bono legal services per year as a way of acknowledging that the legal profession has an important role to play in helping to close the justice gap in Wisconsin.

    50 Hours or More

    In 2019, 340 Wisconsin lawyers volunteered at least 17,000 hours of their time in pro bono service, and are celebrated as Wisconsin Pro Bono Honor Society members.

    “These lawyers are providing a vital service to the residents of Wisconsin, and upholding the highest ideals of our profession,” said Jeff Brown, State Bar pro bono program manager.

    To qualify for the honor society, lawyers must certify that they have performed at least 50 hours of eligible pro bono legal services during the previous calendar year. Eligible pro bono legal services for this program means the direct provision of legal services without fee or expectation of fee, or at a substantially reduced fee to:

    • persons of limited means;

    • organizations in matters that are designed primarily to address the needs of persons of limited means; or

    • charitable, religious, civic, community governmental and educational organizations to secure or protect civil rights, civil liberties, or public rights so long as a substantial majority of such services benefit persons of limited means or organizations that serve persons of limited means.

    The Honorees

    Congratulations to these Wisconsin lawyers, listed here with their Wisconsin county or state of residence, recognized as 2019 Wisconsin Pro Bono Honor Society members:

    Rima AbiSamra, Brown

    Shannon Allen, Waukesha

    Jason Allen, Milwaukee

    Scott Allen, Milwaukee

    Jair Alvarez, Dane

    Kristine Anderson, Dane

    Lindsey Anderson, Waukesha

    Kelsey Annen, Dane

    Robert Arthur, Milwaukee

    Deborah Asher, Chippewa

    John Bannen, Milwaukee

    Crystal Banse, Dane

    Erin Barbato, Dane

    David Bartel, Milwaukee

    Karen Bauer, Milwaukee

    Erika Baurecht, Milwaukee

    Andrew Belter, Milwaukee

    Melita Biese, Milwaukee

    Jennifer Binkley, Dane

    Lyndsey Bley, Dane

    Rachel Blise, Milwaukee

    Erin Block, Waukesha

    Lauren Blumenthal, Milwaukee

    Brian Borkowicz, Washington

    Herbert Bratt, Milwaukee

    David Britton, Milwaukee

    Christy Brooks, Milwaukee

    Heather Brooks, Milwaukee

    Douglas Buck, Dane

    Robert Buckett, Washington

    Michael Burton, Milwaukee

    Jesse Byam-Katzman, Milwaukee

    Christopher Cain, Dane

    Dawn Caldart, Milwaukee

    James Cauley, Milwaukee

    Katherine Charlton, Milwaukee

    Jeremy Chavez, Walworth

    Mary Christopher, Milwaukee

    Nick Cirilli, Oneida

    Sherry Clay, Dane

    Linda Clifford, Dane

    David Clowers, Door

    Sara Conrad, Dane

    Rachel Conrad, Dane

    Michael Covey, Dane

    David Cross, Milwaukee

    Glen Cunningham, Douglas

    Angela Cunningham, Kenosha

    David Czech, Chippewa

    Collin Dahl, Door

    Robin Dalton, Dane

    John Danner, Oneida

    Richard Davis, Milwaukee

    Laura Davis, Dane

    Joe Decker, Milwaukee

    Carmen Decot, Milwaukee

    Nathan DeLadurantey, Waukesha

    Stephanie Derks, Milwaukee

    Joseph Diedrich, Dane

    Jesse Dill, Milwaukee

    Brian Dollhopf, Milwaukee

    Sarah Donnellan, Eau Claire

    Ruth Dreher, Vernon

    Robert Duffy, Milwaukee

    Alexander, Dunn, Milwaukee

    Dillon Durnford, Milwaukee

    Timothy Edwards, Dane

    Erik Eisenmann, Milwaukee

    Melissa El Menaouar, Dane

    Michelle Erdman, St. Croix

    Grant Erickson, Door

    Eileen Evans, Washington

    Gregory Everts, Dane

    Michael Fairchild, Dunn

    Alanna Feddick-Goodwin, Wood

    Emily Feinstein, Dane

    Ray Feliz, Dane

    Chelsea Fischer, Milwaukee

    Casey Fleming, Milwaukee

    Mary Fons, Dane

    Emily Fons, Milwaukee

    Victor Forberger, Dane

    Rory Foster, Dane

    James Friedman, Milwaukee

    Melissa Frost, Walworth

    Kristin Galatowitsch, Green Lake

    Fred Gants, Dane

    Dan Gartzke, Dane

    Frederick Geilfuss, Milwaukee

    Benjamin Genzer, Milwaukee

    Eunice Gibson, Dane

    Sharon Gisselman, Marathon

    Barbara Gnat, Milwaukee

    James Goldschmidt, Milwaukee

    Michael Gonring, Milwaukee

    Lance Goodman, Milwaukee

    Rhonda Gorden, Ozaukee

    Cathy Gorst, Wood

    James Gramling, Milwaukee

    Janice Grant, Waukesha

    Marshall Gratz, Milwaukee

    Robert Gray, Marathon

    Martin Gregorcich, Milwaukee

    Andrew Gresik, Dane

    Jason Gullett, Waukesha

    Christopher Guthrie, Dane

    Timothy Hall, Milwaukee

    Katherine Hanes, Milwaukee

    Robert Hanson, Vilas

    David Hanson, Milwaukee

    William Harbeck, Milwaukee

    Joseph Harper, Dane

    Lauren Harpke, Milwaukee

    Emily Harriman, Milwaukee


    Andrew Harrington, Barron

    Michael Hatch, Milwaukee

    Eric Hatchell, Dane

    Kristine Havlik, Milwaukee

    Mark Hazelbaker, Dane

    Rhonda Hazen, Dane

    Heba Hazzaa, Milwaukee

    Jonathan Heiden, Dane

    Gregory Heinen, Milwaukee

    Janet Heins, Waukesha

    Brady Henderson, Milwaukee

    Mark Hinkston, Racine

    Kari Hoel, Chippewa

    David Hollander, Dane

    William Hughes, Milwaukee

    Sarah Hyde, Milwaukee

    Kourtney Imig, Langlade

    Bradley Jackson, Dane

    David Jennings, Ozaukee

    Jason Johns, Dane

    Stephen Johnson, Door

    Steven Johnson, Outagamie

    Wendy Johnson, Eau Claire

    Mary Johnson, Milwaukee

    Nicholas Johnson, Milwaukee

    Catherine Jones, Fond du Lac

    Christine Kapsos, Milwaukee

    Harold Karas, Milwaukee

    Alyce Katayama, Milwaukee

    Philomena Kebec, Ashland

    David Keck, Winnebago

    Bruce Keyes, Milwaukee

    Matthew Kirkpatrick, Dunn

    Peter Kisken, La Crosse

    Sarah Kissel, Dane

    Nicholas Kitzman, Milwaukee

    Vanessa Klemish, Eau Claire

    Douglas Klingberg, Marathon

    Jason Kohout, Milwaukee

    Lori Kornblum, Ozaukee

    Brandon Krajewski, Milwaukee

    Margaret Krei, Milwaukee

    Joe Kremkoski, Racine

    Harvey Kurtz, Milwaukee

    Nicholas Lagerwall, Dane

    Scott Langlois, Milwaukee

    Zhu Lee, Milwaukee

    Robin Lehninger, Milwaukee

    Michael Levey, Milwaukee

    Benjamin Levin, Milwaukee

    Miranda Lezcano, Marathon

    Max Lindsey, Ashland

    Joanne Lipo Zovic, Milwaukee

    Benjamin Lockwood, Milwaukee

    Alexander Lodge, Dane

    Jack Longert, Dane

    Rebeca Lopez, Milwaukee

    Paul Lucey, Milwaukee

    Michael Lueder, Milwaukee

    Holly Lutz, Marathon

    Hannah Lutz, Milwaukee

    Maria Lyon, Milwaukee

    Lauren Maddente, Milwaukee

    Kevin Malaney, Milwaukee

    Kurt Malmquist, Ozaukee

    Debra Mancoske, Brown

    Jeffrey Mandell, Dane

    Jacob Manian, Milwaukee

    Marsha Mansfield, Dane

    Monica Mark, Dane

    Colleen Martine, Dane

    Ellen Matyas, Outagamie

    Kayla McCann, Milwaukee

    Melissa McCord, Milwaukee

    Patrick McDonald, Rock

    Andrew McDonald, Rock

    Laurie McLeRoy, Milwaukee

    Max Meckstroth, Milwaukee

    Andrew Meerkins, Milwaukee

    Frederick Melms, Wood

    James Mentkowski, Milwaukee

    Amy Menzel, Winnebago

    Chelsey Metcalf, Milwaukee

    Collin Mettelka, Vilas

    Jeremiah Meyer-O'Day, Sauk

    Dennis Milbrath, Ozaukee

    Jay Miller, Milwaukee

    Peggy Miller, Oconto

    James Miller, Marathon

    Heidi Miller, Milwaukee

    Jennifer Miller, Dane

    Nancy Mills, Outagamie

    John Mitby, Dane

    Samuel Mitchell, Milwaukee

    Anne-Louise Mittal, Milwaukee

    Jerome Mohsen, Milwaukee

    Linda Monroe, Dane

    Jason Moore, Milwaukee

    Mitchell Moser, Milwaukee

    Thomas Mountin, Milwaukee

    John Movroydis, Waukesha

    Thomas Mulligan, Washburn

    Ahmad Murrar, Milwaukee

    Kate Murtaugh, Polk

    Timothy Muth, Milwaukee

    Natalie Neals, Milwaukee

    Rodney Neher, Rock

    Andrew Nelson, Dane

    Maxfield Neuhaus, Pierce

    Averi Niemuth, Milwaukee

    Patrick Nolan, Milwaukee

    Joseph Norby, Outagamie

    William Norine, Burnett


    Megan Norris, Kenosha

    Terry Nussberger, Rusk

    Patrick O'Connor, Dane

    Mary O'Meara, Milwaukee

    Matthew O'Neill, Milwaukee

    Tanya O'Neill, Milwaukee

    Lia Ocasio, Dane

    Rebecca Oettinger, Sauk

    Odalo Ohiku, Milwaukee

    Ami Orava, Rock

    Jared Padway, Dane

    Michael Palid, Marinette

    Eric Pangburn, Dane

    Ryan Parsons, Milwaukee

    Nicole Paterson, Milwaukee

    Timothy Patterson, Milwaukee

    Jeffry Patzke, Marathon

    Rebecca Paul, Portage

    Mary Payne, Milwaukee

    Kathryn Pfefferle, Dane

    Thomas Phillips, Milwaukee

    Ward Phillips, Walworth

    Andrew Phillips, Winnebago

    John Pinzl, Dane

    Rebecca Pirozzolo-Mellowes, Milwaukee

    Joseph Poehlmann, Milwaukee

    Shari Post, Wood

    Matthew Prior, Dane

    Patrick Proctor-Brown, Milwaukee

    Barbara Quindel, Milwaukee

    Timothy Radelet, Dane

    Peter Ramirez, Milwaukee

    Kristina Rasmussen, Dane

    David Reinecke, Dane

    Daniel Repka, Minnesota

    Beth Richlen, Marathon

    Francis Rivard, Dunn

    Sara Roemaat, Waukesha

    Kristin Roeper, Milwaukee

    Joel Rosenthal, Milwaukee

    Anne Ross, Dane

    Tyler Roth, Milwaukee

    Dee Rowe, Grant

    Patrick Rowe, Price

    Joseph Rupkey, Milwaukee

    Jeunesse Rutledge, Milwaukee

    Connor Sabatino, Dane

    Rebecca Salawdeh, Milwaukee

    Robert Sanders, Milwaukee

    James Santelle, Waukesha

    Gricel Santiago-Rivera, Dane

    Edward Sarskas, Milwaukee

    Deborah Scheid, Milwaukee

    Jill Schilling, Eau Claire

    Allen Schlinsog, Milwaukee

    Patrick Schoen, Milwaukee

    Raymond Schrank, Waukesha

    Kristin Schrank, Waukesha

    Gerald Schwartz, Milwaukee

    Paul Schwartz, Dane

    Ethan Schwenker, Dane

    Theresa Selenske, Wood

    David Seno, Milwaukee

    Margaret Serrano, Milwaukee

    Eric Sheets, Portage

    Jeffrey Simmons, Dane

    Jessica Simons, Milwaukee

    Ellen Sinclair, Milwaukee

    Carol Skinner, St. Croix

    Walter Skipper, Milwaukee

    Jane Smith, Oconto

    Susan Smith, Brown

    Martha Snyder, Dane

    Anita Sorensen, Dane

    Grant Sovern, Dane

    John Starkweather, Dane

    Emily Stedman, Milwaukee

    Meredith Stier, Dane

    Andrew Stoker, Milwaukee

    Pamela Stokke-Ceci, Milwaukee

    Renee Taber, Barron

    Wes Taylor, Dane

    Evan Tenebruso, Dane

    Shelley Torvinen, Douglas

    Naikang Tsao, Dane

    John Turlais, Milwaukee

    Margaret Utterback, Dane

    Sydney VanBerg, Dane

    Sara Vanden Brook, Dane

    Hillary Vedvig, Dane

    Joseph Veenstra, La Crosse

    Christina Wabiszewski, Milwaukee

    Tricia Walker, Fond du Lac

    Nicole Wanlass, Milwaukee

    Daryl Waters, Florence

    Karrie Weaver, St. Croix

    Aaron Wegrzyn, Milwaukee

    Matthew Weil, Washington

    Nick Welle, Milwaukee

    Travis West, Dane

    Ronald Westgate, Marathon

    Chelsea Whitley, Polkl

    Jacqueline Wilcox, Milwaukee

    Apallonia Wilhelm, Milwaukee

    Catherine Witczak, Milwaukee

    Amy Wochos, Milwaukee

    Sarah Yacoub, St. Croix

    Michael Yang, Dane

    Lilah Zajac, Waukesha

    Jeanne Zamzow, Waushara

    Marisa Zane, Milwaukee

    Lauren Zenk, Milwaukee

    Kathryn zumBrunnen, Washburn

    50 or More Pro Bono Hours in 2020? Certify for Pro Bono Honor Society

    You’re doing the hard work, standing up to volunteer your time. If you donate 50 or more hours of qualifying pro bono legal services to benefit low-income Wisconsin residents in 2020, you qualify as a member of the Wisconsin Pro Bono Honor Society. To register, visit the Wisconsin Access to Justice Commission website.

    The Pro Bono Honor Society, created by the Wisconsin Access to Justice Commission with support from the State Bar of Wisconsin, recognizes Wisconsin lawyers who volunteer at least 50 hours of their time annually to help expand access to justice for low-income Wisconsin residents.

    An annual list of the honorees will be posted on the website for the Access to Justice Commission, and the State Bar’s InsideTrack newsletter and Wisconsin Lawyer magazine. The commission also works with bar associations and judges to organize local recognition events.

    Inclusion in the Pro Bono Honor Society supports and encourages pro bono service in Wisconsin. Find pro bono opportunities that fit your interests and skills through the searchable online pro bono directory on the State Bar’s website,

    If you have questions about the Pro Bono Honor Society, please send an email to Jeff Brown.

    Learn more about the Wisconsin Pro Bono Honor Society on the commission’s website. To find more opportunities for pro bono service, visit the State Bar Pro Bono webpage.

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