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  • October 07, 2020

    Join 'This Good Fight': Run for State Bar Officer or Board Position

    Cheryl Daniels, State Bar president-elect and chair of the State Bar's Nominating Committee, asks you to nominate yourself by Oct. 16 to run for a State Bar officer position. This is an opportunity to help shape what lawyers need to do to continue coping with a pandemic and change the dynamic so that justice really works for all, she says.

    Cheryl Furstace Daniels

    Oct. 7, 2020 – As a young lawyer, I was thrown into a completely new situation: I was hired into a brand new position in a very new program at my agency, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. I quickly needed to learn more about farmers’ distress in Wisconsin’s agriculture crisis – my new position involved helping the troubled industry – and I needed to do my best to help them.

    Cheryl DanielsCheryl Daniels, U.W. 1985, is an attorney with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture Trade & Consumer Protection in Madison. She is president-elect of the State Bar of Wisconsin.

    In trying to marshal resources to help me work with the wider agricultural community in distress, I happened upon the Farm Crisis Committee within the State Bar of Wisconsin Young Lawyers Division. Volunteering for that committee set me on a path to working with so many other lawyers who volunteered in State Bar divisions, sections, and committees.

    I have always been grateful for their expertise and friendship as I took on various work with the State Bar. My colleagues at the State Bar taught me so much, and helped shape me to be confident as a lawyer and a leader.

    In the end, after a long and incredibly satisfying run in leadership with the Wisconsin Law Foundation (the charitable arm of the State Bar!), I was recruited to use all that I learned along the way and run for president-elect.

    While my travels to meet lawyers throughout the state came to a grinding halt in March, my election in April was a bright spot in a challenging spring. I’ve adapted, like everyone else, to meeting and working with lawyers through the miracles and tribulations of technology.

    And I continue to feel very optimistic about my decision to become a part of the State Bar leadership.

    Right now, I’m challenging all of you to think about stepping up in this unprecedented challenging time.

    I’ve been asked by State Bar President Kathleen Brost to chair the Nominating Committee, which has a great group of members – current State Bar Treasurer Eric Andrews, Past President Fran Deisinger, current Law Foundation President Peggy Herlitzka, and current State Bar board member Amy Wochos.

    Together, we are looking for lawyers with all types of skills to come forward and run for leadership positions in the State Bar.

    There will be opportunities for president-elect coming from the Milwaukee area, treasurer, Judicial Council representative, and for district representatives on the Board of Governors.

    We want YOU to step forward and let us know why you believe you can help lead State Bar members in these “interesting times.” Think of the opportunity to help shape, with other State Bar members, what we lawyers need to do to continue coping with a pandemic and change the dynamic so that justice really works for all.

    As we continue to have to be apart, I don’t believe you will regret putting yourself forward to join our leadership in this good fight.

    My colleagues at the State Bar taught me so much and helped shape me to be confident as a lawyer and a leader.

    Nominations Accepted Through Oct. 16

    The officer positions up for election for 2021-22 are president-elect, treasurer, and Judicial Council representative. You can also submit a petition for a district positon on the State Bar’s Board of Governors. Persons elected take office July 1, 2021.

    If you are interested in nominating yourself (a perfectly acceptable practice) or nominating someone else to run for State Bar office, contact Jan Marks at

    Important Dates

    • Oct. 16 – Deadline for officer nominations to Nomination Committee

    • March 1 – Deadline for Board of Governors’ petitions

    Find out about other State Bar leadership opportunities through divisions, sections, and committees.

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