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  • December 04, 2019

    New Prepayment Plan for Dues and Court Assessments: Sign Up By Jan. 6

    Responding to requests from members, the State Bar of Wisconsin is implementing a new prepayment plan for court assessments and member dues. Starting in January, members have the option to pay monthly installments over a six-month period. Sign up by Jan. 6.
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    Dec. 4, 2019 – In talking to members as they travel across the state, State Bar of Wisconsin leaders hear many ideas from State Bar members.

    “A request we’ve heard from many members is for a way to pay their membership dues and court assessments in installments,” said State Bar President Jill Kastner.

    Recent changes in the rules allowing electronic signatures on the trust account certification, along with the launch of the online dues processing system, paved the way for implementing the prepayment plan as an option for members.

    Paying in installments gives members, particularly those working in small firms or government settings, a way to manage their finances, spreading payments over a six-month period, if needed.

    About the Plan

    Here are some quick facts about the court assessment and dues prepayment plan:

    • active, inactive, and judicial members can participate;

    • participants must sign up by Jan. 6, 2020;

    • there is an annual $30 nonrefundable setup fee at the time of enrollment;

    • the first credit or debit card installment payment occurs in January;

    • there are five equal installments (January through May);

    • the final sixth payment, in June, is through the State Bar’s online payment portal for dues and court assessments. This allows members to sign the trust account certificate online, join optional sections and divisions, apply the Keller dues reduction if desired, and donate to the Wisconsin Law Foundation.

    Law firms participating in firm billing will continue to pay their dues and assessments through that process.

    Learn More

    For more information, see FAQs: Paying Your Supreme Court Assessments and State Bar Dues on

    To sign up for the court assessment and dues prepayment plan, fill out and submit the online payment agreement and payment authorization form, sign it electronically, and submit it no later than Jan. 6, 2020. Those participating may use a credit or debit card for the $30 setup fee due at time of enrollment.

    Still have questions? Contact State Bar Customer Service at (608) 257-3838 or (800) 728-7788.


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