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  • January 16, 2019

    Prepare for Tomorrow, Today: Improve Systems and Processes

    Jan. 16, 2019 – Lawyers and law firms face a lot of competition in the legal industry. “People are demanding more speed, less cost, and more ease of use with all of the businesses they deal with,” said David Krekeler of Krekeler Strother S.C., Madison.

    Krekeler was one of numerous speakers discussing “What You Need to Learn Now to Be Ready for 2023” at the 2018 Wisconsin Solo and Small Firm Conference. He said lawyers can keep up with client expectations by improve processes and systems.

    “In order for us to be more efficient and more consistent in our delivery, and make life less costly when it comes to legal services, we can develop systems and processes, which will enable us to do that,” Krekeler said.

    Think about something as simple as the initial client meeting. Do you have a process in place that will allow you to pay careful attention to the client’s needs, to listen carefully while collecting all the information you need to provide assistance at the same time?

    “By having a checklist, I can devote myself to the client, focus entirely on that, and yet still cover the more mundane items that need to be addressed,” Krekeler said. “The checklist frees me to be thinking and be creative.”

    Krekeler, a bankruptcy attorney, says automation tools also allow attorneys to create efficiencies, especially for information-driven practice areas like bankruptcy. That is, automation can help lawyers who must engage in intensive information gathering.

    “There’s really no reason that the client shouldn’t be able to gather most of that information,” he said. “There will still be an ethical requirement and a legal requirement for a lawyer to verify that accuracy with some degree of reasonable diligence.

    “But I can foresee in the near distant future that we’ll be giving away software to people so they can complete the forms, they can provide the information, and we will focus much more on the counseling aspect. We will focus more on the strategic aspects.”

    Krekeler said he’s willing to give away the software, to give away information. “Today it’s all readily available on the internet. Why not give it away and focus on what most good lawyers want to be doing anyhow, which is the counseling and creative aspects.”

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