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    Keep Vital Statutes and Regulations by Your Side with PINNACLE's Codebooks

    Staying on top of statutory and administrative changes – sweeping and small – is essential. Never get caught off guard by new legislation with comprehensive subject-area collections in the 14 separate codebooks offered by State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE®.
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    June 6, 2018 – The 2017-18 session was busy for the Wisconsin Legislature, as exemplified by headlines in InsideTrack:

    State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE® tracked these and many more developments, incorporating them into its Wisconsin codebook series – now available in newly updated 2018 editions.

    Each codebook contains the essential statutes, regulations, and other materials for specific areas of law – all in easily managed, paperbound volumes that you can carry with you or keep at your desk.

    Criminal and Traffic Law

    The updated edition of the Wisconsin Criminal Code and Selected Traffic Statutes includes some of the more notable legislative enactments of the 2017-18 session:

    • 2017 Wis. Act 172: a person’s driver’s license must be permanently revoked if the person has committed four or more operating while intoxicated (OWI) offenses, or commits two or more OWI offenses and has two or more qualifying convictions, (i.e., certain felonies involving the use of a motor vehicle); and

    • Sara’s Law (2017 Wis. Act 272), an act that makes it a Class H felony to intentionally cause or threaten to cause bodily harm to lawyers (or their family members) involved in proceedings affecting children and families. Sara’s Law is intended to protect private attorneys, corporation counsel, and attorneys serving as guardians ad litem. The act was named in memory of Schofield attorney Sara Quirt Sann, one of four victims killed last year in a shooting rampage in the Wausau area.

    Estate Planning and Probate

    The Wisconsin Legislature enacted the Uniform Adult Guardianship Act (2017 Wis. Act 187), which will help guide lawyers who need to transfer guardianships across state lines.

    The 2018 edition of the Wisconsin Probate and Estate Planning Codebookreflects this development and others, including creation of a new chapter of the Wisconsin Statutes regarding supported decision-making agreements (2017 Wis. Act 345) and repeal of the domestic partnership registry by the 2017 budget act, 2017 Wis. Act 59. 

    Employment Law

    The legislature also made significant changes to labor and employment law, mainly in 2017 Wis. Act 327, which prevents the state or local governments from requiring any person to accept certain collective bargaining provisions or waive its rights under the National Labor Relations Act or state labor law; and prohibits local regulation of employee hours and overtime, employment benefits, wage claims and collections, an employer’s right to solicit salary information of prospective employees, employment discrimination, and professions regulated by the state. These changes and others are incorporated in the Wisconsin Employment Law Codebook.

    And More

    Other codebooksprovide updated coverage for such crucial practice areas as:

    How to Order

    For a full listing and pricing information for PINNACLE’s 14 separate codebook titles, visit’s Marketplace. Codebooks are available both in print and online through Books Unbound®, the State Bar’s interactive online library.

    For more information or to place an order, visit WisBar’s Marketplace, or call the State Bar at (800) 728-7788 or (608) 257-3838.

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