​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Conference Materials​​​

Onsite Program PDF​​

Onsite Program

Thursday Course Materials

ChatGPT: The Future is Here​

The Alternate Universe of Administrative Law Practice

Business Analytics for Your Law Firm​

Technology Considerations When Setting Up a Law Practice

Interactive Legal Malpractice​

​Jumping the Generation Gap

One Year Later: Effects of a New Uniform LLC Law

Know Your Niche

Secure Setup of Microsoft 365

Ethics Jeopardy

Transparency, Fairness, & Resolution

The Ups & Downs of Co-Counsel​

50 Tips

Imposter Syndrome

Friday Course Materials

Three Views: A "Crossfire"

​A​ Tenant Filed Bankruptcy: Now What?

Efficient, Effective, Economic Use of Your Time​

iOS Tools for Trial Preparation and Presentation

Leave a Message: Client Communication and Your Ethical Duties​

Are you Kid-ding? Child Custody, Placement, and Support

Should the Corporate Transparency Change How You Practice?

Now and Into the Future: Legal Research with Fastcare and AI

Incorporate Attorney Wellness into Your Firm​

Nail It! Construct Compliant Home Improvement Practices & Contracts​

The Price is Right? Alternative Billing Models for Law Firms

Digital Forensics for the Digitally Fearful

Just Say No

Gadgets, Gizmos, and Widgets​

Saturday Course Materials​

Advising Licensed Medical Professsionals in a Post-Dobbs World​

Goals and Habits: The Foundations for Success​

Upping Your PDF Game

Ethics of Working with Your Paralegal and Legal Assistant

Myths about Elder Law & the Power of the POA​

Ten Things to Include in Your Client Intake Process

How to "Excel" in the Practice of Law​

Challenges and Benefits of Solo Practice

How Not to Commit Malpractice with Your Computer​

Maps and Layouts of Conference Center and Events

Conference C​enter Map

Kalahari​ Flo​​​or Plan​​​

Expo Hall Map​ And Exhibitor Descriptions

Expo Hall Map​​

Exhibitor Descriptions​

2023 | Wisconsin Solo & Small Firm Conference

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