​​John Lederer Service Award

John Lederer saw it as his mission to help solo and small-firm lawyers master skills and technology to build their practices. Named in his memory, the John Lederer Service Award has been presented annually since 2009 to an individual, group, or organization exemplifying his leadership, spirit, and dedication.

Award nominees are judged on their sustained, selfless service to projects, efforts, or organizations that benefit solo and small-firm practitioners across Wisconsin.​

Nominees should lead the way in furthering the mission of the Wisconsin Solo & Small Firm Conference: to educate and support solo and small-firm attorneys as they practice law, manage their businesses, and enjoy their lives.

They should also contribute to the advancement of solo and small firm practitioners in technology, legal education, practice management, ethics, or quality of life.

Past recipients include:


Email nominations to Solo/Small Firm & General Practice and Lederer selection committee member Nancy Trueblood at nancy@ntruelaw.com by September 8th, 2023.

Each nomination should include:

  • Name and contact information of the nominator
  • Name and contact information of the nominated individual, group, or organization
  • One-paragraph statement explaining how the nominee meets the award criteria

In addition, three letters of recommendation may be submitted with the nomination. Nomination materials are due by September 8th.

Who was John Lederer?​

John Lederer  

Lederer was instrumental in creating WSSFC and saw it as an opportunity to better the practices and lives of Wisconsin’s attorneys. He was also a visionary when it came to integrating technology into the practice of law. He chaired the State Bar’s Technology Resource Committee (TRC).

While serving on the TRC, he took on the copyright controversy with Westlaw and facilitated Wisconsin’s universal citation program. The universal citation, issued by courts, prevents any company from claiming a copyright on the publication of cases – making them available to attorneys at no cost.

To learn more about the John Lederer Service Award, contact Solo/Small Firm & General Practice Section and Lederer Selection Committee member Nancy Trueblood at ​nancy@ntruelaw.com.

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