​​Recertification Process

In order to maintain your certification, you must:

  • Renew your certification every two years; renewal materials are due by June 30 of your renewal year
  • Pay the nonrefundable $75 annual recertification fee by June 30 of each year after the date of your original certification
  • Meet the continuing education requirements
  • Meet the employment/paralegal practice requirements
  • Not be ineligible for certification or recertification (as explained below)
  • Remit proof verifying that the continuing education requirements and employment/practice requirements have been met, together with such recertification forms as may be directed by the program registrar

Continuing Education Requirements

To maintain your paralegal certification, you must complete at least 15 hours of approved continuing paralegal education or continuing legal education (including at least three hours of legal ethics and professional responsibility) during each two-year reporting period.

Approved continuing education must be:

  • Approved as such by the Wisconsin Board of Bar Examiners
  • OR
  • Offered as continuing paralegal or legal education by:
    • The American Bar Association
    • Approved state or national law-related organizations
    • National or state paralegal associations
    • Accredited educational institutions
  • OR
  • Federal or state regulatory or governmental authorities

You may also fulfill the continuing education requirement by completing one credit from a qualified paralegal studies program during each reporting period (earning at least a “C” grade).

For a suggested list of preapproved continuing education programs that can help you fulfill your SBWCP recertification requirements, click here.

Continuing Education Reporting Period

The reporting period for a paralegal certified in an even-numbered year will end on June 30 of each even-numbered year following the year of initial certification.

The reporting period for a paralegal certified in an odd-numbered year will end on June 30 of each odd-numbered year following the year of initial certification.​