Certification Appeals Process

If certification has been denied or revoked, the paralegal may appeal the decision of the Certification Review Board using a Request for Reconsideration. This request should include any additional information or supporting material the applicant believes will assist the CRB in its reconsideration.

CRB De Novo Review

The CRB may consider any relevant documentary or testimonial evidence, including hearsay evidence, if it's the type of evidence upon which ​reasonable persons rely. Rules of privilege shall be effective to the same extent as they are recognized in civil actions.

Incompetent, irrelevant, immaterial, or unduly repetitious evidence may be excluded at the CRB's discretion. The review and investigatory record are the property of the State Bar of Wisconsin. Any material that is confidential under applicable law shall remain confidential and shall not be disclosed except in accordance with said law.

If the review and investigation is in response to a sworn compliant filed by a third party, the complainant may be granted the right to be present at any proceeding where the applicant gives testimony. However, the complainant shall not be a party to the review proceeding.


The CRB's decision is final is non-appealable. At the conclusion of its review and investigation, the CRB will send its written decision to the applicant by certified mail with 60-90 days of the receipt of the Request for Reconsideration. The written decision will include the reasons for the given ruling.

Right to Reapply

An applicant whose request for certification or renewal has been denied, or whose certification has been revoked, may reapply for certification no sooner than two years from the date of the decision by the program registrar or the CRB, whichever is later.


The members of the Certification Review Board, the program registrar, and the State Bar staff shall have absolute immunity from civil liability for all acts in the course of their official duties. ​​​​