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Charles L. Goldberg Distinguished Service Award Recipients

The Charles L. Goldberg Distinguished Service Award is presented to a member of the State Bar of Wisconsin who has a long-standing record of service both to the legal profession and to the public.


1982 – Ralph M. Hoyt, Milwaukee*
1983 – Robert B. L. Murphy, Madison*
1985 – Victor A. Miller, St. Nazianz* 
         – and Dean Robert F. Boden, Milwaukee*
1986 – James D. Ghiardi, Milwaukee*
1987 – Gordon Sinykin, Madison*
1988 – Steven E. Keane, Milwaukee*
1989 – John A. Kluwin, Kewaskum*
1990 – George K. Steil, Sr., Janesville*
1991 – Rodney O. Kittelsen, Monroe*
1992 – Jack R. DeWitt, Madison*
1993 – Margadette Demet, Milwaukee
1994 – Hon. Patrick T. Sheedy, Milwaukee*
1995 – Francis J. Wilcox, Eau Claire*
1996 – Justice Nathan S. Heffernan, Madison* 
         – and Frank J. Remington, Madison*
1997 – Philip S. Habermann, Madison*
1998 – Ben L. Chernov, Milwaukee
1999 – Gerald M. O'Brien, Stevens Point
2000 – Truman Q. McNulty, Milwaukee*
2001 – Frank M. Gimbel, Milwaukee
2002 – Howard B. Eisenberg, Milwaukee*
2003 – Donald L. Heaney, Madison*
2004 – Richard L. Cates, Madison* 
         – and G. Lane Ware, Wausau*
2005 – award was not presented
2006 – award was not presented
2007 – Dan Hildebrand* 
         – and Edward M. McCann, Milwaukee
2008 – Jeffrey B. Bartell, Madison
2009 – Charles Hanson, La Crosse
2010 – David G. Walsh, Madison
2011 – Donald L. Bach, Madison 
2012 – James D. Friedman, Milwaukee
2013 – John Doar, New York*
2014 – Stephen Hurley, Madison                                                                                                                        
2015 – Barbara B. Crabb, Madison
2016 – Hon. Ness Flores, Waukesha & John S. Skilton, Madison
2017 – Governor James E. Doyle, Jr., Madison
         – Governor Anthony S. Earl, Madison
         – Governor Martin J. Schreiber, Milwaukee
         – Governor Tommy G. Thompson, Madison 

* deceased

Who was Charles L. Goldberg?

Charles L. GoldbergThe late Charles L. Goldberg, for whom the Distinguished Service Award is named, was a native of Milwaukee and received his law degree from Marquette University Law School in 1928.

Goldberg served as president of the State Bar of Wisconsin and the Milwaukee Bar Association. Goldberg won Marquette University's Distinguished Law Alumnus Award in 1972.

Goldberg was named chairman of the Fellows of the American Bar Foundation, where membership is considered a professional honor and evidence of distinction as a lawyer, judge or law teacher. He was also a member of the ABA House of Delegates and the ABA's standing committee on Constitution and Bylaws.

Leaders of the judiciary and the Bar praised him as an outstanding lawyer and pioneer in initiating free legal services for the poor.

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