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Awards of Excellence

Two awards are presented annually by the Wisconsin Law Foundation to recognize exceptional lawyers from Wisconsin. Members of the Foundation are encouraged to nominate lawyers they feel exemplify these award category descriptions. The awards presented (and criteria for nomination) are:

Charles L. Goldberg Distinguished Service Award each year recognizes one lawyer for lifetime service in the public interest.​
Criteria – This award's nominees are individual bar members who will be judged based upon their accomplishments in the law, service to the profession and service to the community as a whole over an entire career.
Gordon Sinykin Award of Excellence recognizes a lawyer, law firm or group of lawyers for their work on an individual law-related education or public service project in the preceding year.
Criteria – This award's nominees are either individuals or groups of bar members who will be judged based upon their work to fulfill a single, significant work in a law-related education or public service project during the previous year.

Nominating Procedure

Each nomination should include:

  1. A letter of nomination, including the reasons for nominating the person for a particular award;
  2. The nominee's qualifications in resume or similar format;
  3. One to five (with a maximum of five) letters of recommendation from individuals who are knowledgeable about the nominee's qualifications to receive the award.

Please submit nominations to:

Wisconsin Law Foundation Awards Committee
ATTN: Beth Drake
P.O. Box 7158
Madison, WI 53707-7158

Please contact Beth Drake at (608) 250-6171 for more information. ​