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Who We Are

​​​​The Wisconsin Law Foundation was incorporated in 1951. Under the leadership of our volunteer Board of Directors, along with the support of the Fellows and our membership, we strive to carry out our mission as the charitable arm of the State Bar of Wisconsin.

Our Mission

The Wisconsin Law Foundation is a charitable and educational organization that serves to promote public understanding of the law, improvement of the administration of justice and other law-related public service through funding of innovative and creative programs that improve the vision of the American justice system.

Our Business Is Awarding Grants, Scholarships and Awards

Since 1996, the Wisconsin Law Foundation has distributed over 253 grants, scholarships and awards totaling over $699,386 to support law-related education and public service programs throughout the state.

Generous donations from people like you help the Foundation provide:

  • Long-range Program Grants: multi-year, larger grants awarded to nonprofit organizations to support the longevity of law-related education programs, e.g., the Wisconsin State High School Mock Trial Tournament, which is funded by the Mock Trial Designated Fund.
  • High Impact Truman Q. McNulty Grants: smaller grants awarded to nonprofit organizations to support law-related education and public service programs that promote our mission throughout the state.
  • Belle Case La Follette Awards: assist three lawyers in the first few years of practice who provide much needed services to rural or low-income clients who have limited access to legal representation. These monetary awards assist with law school debt and establishing their practice.
  • Donald O’Melia Scholarships: pay tuition for new lawyers to attend the Annual Meeting & Conference for the first time to meet and network with peers and State Bar leadership. A mentor is provided to help navigate the conference and make the most of the opportunity.
  • Awards of Excellence: are awarded annually to recognize one (or more) lawyers for a lifetime of service in the public interest; and a lawyer or group of lawyers for their work on an individual law-related education or public service project in the preceding year.
  • Judicial Portrait Program: in partnership with the Wisconsin Supreme Court, the Foundation honors the memory of deceased Wisconsin justices by framing and hanging their portrait in the State Capitol building.

Wisconsin Law Foundation Who’s Who

The Wisconsin Law Foundation serves as a bridge channeling change to the future.

Attorney Marygold S. Melli
Former Foundation Historian

The Wisconsin Law Foundation is built upon the hard work and dedication of its voluntary Board of Directors, Fellows, Members, and Friends of the Foundation. Without their leadership, we would not be able to provide funding for innovative and creative programs throughout the state.

It is our honor to introduce you to our:

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