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Heritage Society of the Wisconsin Law Foundation

Launched in the fall of 2003, the Heritage Society of the Wisconsin Law Foundation has been established to honor those who have remembered the Foundation in their will or estate plan. It is the Foundation's goal to honor as many of these generous donors as possible during their lifetime.

The Foundation often receives gifts like this after a donor's death. It is for this very reason that we offer Society membership as a way to share our personal thanks with generous donor's planning this type of gift during their lifetime. There is no other requirement to become a Society member. Donors simply inform us of their decision and we recognize them for their generosity.

When indicating support for the Foundation in an estate planning document, donors should use the full name "Wisconsin Law Foundation" to ensure their gift is properly distributed and recognized. A wide variety wills, trust arrangements, insurance policies, and other giving vehicles can be used to qualify a donor for membership in the Society. Donors can indicate in their estate planning documents whether they want to make an unrestricted gift to the Foundation, restrict their gift to a particular project or program, or indicate that their gift should be used in perpetuity to benefit the Foundation.

The Wisconsin Law Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization and when included in your will or estate plan could significantly benefit your tax situation. If you need additional information on remembering the Wisconsin Law Foundation in your will or estate plan, or want to become a member of the Heritage Society, please contact org bdrake wisbar Beth Drake, (608) 250-6171. We appreciate your generosity and welcome the opportunity to personally thank you. Please note that anonymous memberships are also available.

Become a Heritage Society member for the Wisconsin Law Foundation today.

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