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Wisconsin Law Foundation Grants

​Law-related Education Sustainable Grants

As the charitable arm of the State Bar of Wisconsin, the Foundation has always supported the Bar’s law-related education programs that impact not only attorneys, but residents throughout the state. These sustainable grants fund long-range programs with statewide impact so that they can grow and adequately plan for the future.

The Foundation started the Wisconsin State High School Mock Trial Tournament in 1983. For many years this popular statewide program was managed by the Foundation, but when it grew beyond the capacity of Foundation staff, the State Bar’s Law-related Education Department took it over. The program has now grown to the point where any school that wishes to compete—or any student who wants to participate – can. Today, the need is even greater to keep the program accessible to all who wish to participate.

Truman Q. McNulty Grants

The Foundation annually awards Truman Q. McNulty Grants to charitable or educational programs that promote public understanding of the law, improvement of the administration of justice, or law-related public service projects. Grant amounts increase each year as we see the need for support increase across the state.

If you are interested in applying for a Truman Q. McNulty Grant, please read the guidelines and instructions below before submitting an application.