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    • Boosting Creative Competition: America Invents Act
    • Significant reforms to U.S. patent laws move from a "first-to-invent" to a "first-inventor-to-file" system, create new proceedings for challenging patents, and implement litigation reforms, with the goal of creating millions of jobs and securing the United States' position as an innovative-technology leader.
    • E-Discovery: Who Pays?
    • Wisconsin courts have not expressly addressed cost shifting involving discovery of electronically stored information. Recent rule amendments provide an ad hoc balancing test, which should be supported by common-sense efforts to reach agreements with opposing counsel in these situations.
    • Determining Reasonable Attorney Fees
    • Many Wisconsin statutes make it possible for prevailing parties to recover attorney fees from the opposing side. Recent changes, however, presumptively cap reasonable attorney fees at not more than three times the damages awarded and list factors a court must assess when making the award. Here is a look at how courts may interpret and apply the law.

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