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Do you have a question regarding your State Bar of Wisconsin membership? Want to register for a CLE seminar or order a State Bar publication? Need to track down information you read in a recent publication? The State Bar's Customer Service team can help you quickly access information and services.

(608) 257-3838
(800) 728-7788 (nationwide)

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Staff Directors

    Name Title Phone
    Annette Ashley Member Services Director (608) 250-6133
    George Brown Executive Director (608) 250-6101
    Joyce Hastings Communications Director (608) 250-6126
    Kristin Huotari Professional Development Department Director (608) 250-6152
    Donna Jurek Human Resources Director (608) 250-6109
    Paul Marshall Administration & Finance Director (608) 250-6116
    Larry Martin Associate Executive Director (608) 250-6038
    Lisa Roys Public Affairs Director (608) 250-6128
    Jan Wood Marketing Director (608) 250-6104

Staff Directory
    Name Title Phone Department
    org lalbert wisbar Linda Albert WisLAP Program Manager (608) 250-6172 Member Services
    org aashley wisbar Annette Ashley Member Services Director (608) 250-6133 Member Services
    org dbaker wisbar Douglas Baker Attorney Editor (608) 250-6143 Professional Development
    org cbattles wisbar Cale Battles Government Relations Coordinator (608) 250-6077 Public Affairs
    org jbehan wisbar Jim Behan Database Support Analyst (608) 250-6056 Information Services
    org cbennett wisbar Carolyn Bennett Program Planner (608) 250-6164 Professional Development
    org lberning wisbar Lois Berning Program Assistant (608) 250-6125 Member Services
    org nblackmond wisbar Nacharra Blackmond LRIS Specialist (608) 250-6169 Member Services
    org abraun wisbar Abbey Braun Member Records and Information Specialist (608) 250-6118 Administration & Finance
    org gbrown wisbar George Brown Executive Director (608) 250-6101 Executive Administration
    org jbrown wisbar Jeff Brown Pro Bono Program Manager (608) 250-6177 Member Services
    org mcacciatore wisbar Melissa Cacciatore Customer Service Manager (608) 250-6013 Administration & Finance
    org cchapa wisbar Carol Chapa Program Assistant (608) 250-6140 Public Affairs
    org cchapman wisbar Carol Chapman Attorney Editor (608) 250-6113 Professional Development
    org tclark wisbar Tim Clark Seminars Division Manager (608) 250-6110 Professional Development
    org jcorkery wisbar Jane Corkery Program Assistant (608) 250-6124 Member Services
    org ldavis wisbar Lynne Davis Government Relations Coordinator (608) 250-6045 Public Affairs
    org ldeldotto wisbar Laura Del Dotto Web Producer (608) 250-6047 Information Services
    org bdell wisbar Brian Dell Media Production Assistant (608) 250-6180 Professional Development
    net mdewind charter Margie DeWind Attorney Editor (608) 250-6111 Professional Development
    org bdrake wisbar Beth Drake Program Assistant (608) 250-6171 Member Services
    org rdriscoll wisbar Reggie Driscoll External Meeting Planner (608) 250-6100 Administration & Finance
    org kdurst wisbar Kristen Durst Public Relations Coordinator (608) 250-6025 Public Affairs
    org jethridge wisbar Julie Ethridge Marketing Coordinator (608) 250-6014 Marketing
    org eeverett wisbar Erin Everett Program Planner (608) 250-6146 Professional Development
    org lferstl wisbar Lana Ferstl Book Production Coordinator (608) 250-6078 Professional Development
    org cfleming wisbar Carol Fleming Accounts Receivable Assistant (608) 250-6123 Administration & Finance
    org tflorey wisbar Tod Florey Graphic Designer II (608) 250-6174 Marketing
    org jforward wisbar Joe Forward Legal Writer (608) 250-6161 Communications
    org bfrancoeur wisbar Betsy Francoeur Copywriter (608) 250-6036 Marketing
    org sgreen wisbar Shannon Green Communications Writer (608) 250-6135 Communications
    org jhastings wisbar Joyce Hastings Communications Director (608) 250-6126 Communications
    org phinkle wisbar Philip Hinkle Media Production Assistant (608) 250-6074 Professional Development
    org khuotari wisbar Kristin Huotari Professional Development Department Director (608) 250-6152 Professional Development
    org jjohnson wisbar Jackie Johnson Book Production Coordinator (608) 250-6147 Professional Development
    org djurek wisbar Donna Jurek Human Resources Director (608) 250-6109 Executive Administration
    org akaiser wisbar Aviva Kaiser Assistant Ethics Counsel (608) 250-6158 Member Services
    org mkenney wisbar Megan Kenney Section Coordinator (608) 250-6190 Member Services
    org dkinney wisbar Donna Kinney Meetings Manager (608) 250-6108 Administration & Finance
    org jklak wisbar John Klak Desktop Support Analyst (608) 250-6178 Information Services
    org eklink wisbar Elizabeth Klink Administrative Coordinator, Direct Services (608) 250-6098 Member Services
    org rknauss wisbar Rita Knauss Attorney Editor (608) 250-6085 Professional Development
    org jknuteson wisbar Jim Knuteson Facility Assistant (608) 250-6199 Administration & Finance
    org pkraemer wisbar Peter Kraemer Communications Coordinator (608) 250-6139 Communications
    org bkummer wisbar Bill Kummer Network & Computer Systems Manager (608) 250-6137 Information Services
    org dlanger wisbar Delores Langer Accounts Payable Assistant (608) 250-6030 Administration & Finance
    org clegris wisbar Christina Legris Web & Business Systems Manager (608) 250-6175 Information Services
    Karlé Lester Managing Editor (608) 250-6127 Communications
    org llord wisbar Lisa Lord Book Production Coordinator (608) 250-6148 Professional Development
    org jmarks wisbar Jan Marks Executive Coordinator (608) 250-6106 Executive Administration
    org pmarshall wisbar Paul Marshall Administration & Finance Director (608) 250-6116 Administration & Finance
    org lmartin wisbar Larry Martin Associate Executive Director (608) 250-6038 Executive Administration
    org emason wisbar Erin Mason Receptionist (608) 250-6099 Administration & Finance
    org hmiura wisbar Hana Miura Attorney Editor (608) 250-6050 Professional Development
    org cmoubry wisbar Cathy Moubry Graphic Designer I (608) 250-6166 Marketing
    org bmoubry wisbar Barbara Moubry Program Planner (608) 250-6157 Professional Development
    org boehmen wisbar Benjamin Oehmen Graphic Designer I (608) 250-6156 Marketing
    org apelishek wisbar Amy Pelishek Administrative Coordinator (608) 250-6028 Executive Administration
    org fpetillo wisbar Fred Petillo Market Research Manager (608) 250-6162 Marketing
    org tpierce wisbar Tim Pierce Ethics Counsel (608) 250-6168 Member Services
    org dpince wisbar Dennis Pince Media Production Manager (608) 250-6075 Professional Development
    org trhine wisbar Tison Rhine Law Office Management Assistance Program Manager (608) 250-6012 Member Services
    org krichter wisbar Karen Richter Advertising Manager (608) 250-6132 Marketing
    org srobillard wisbar Scott Robillard Marketing Manager (608) 250-6167 Marketing
    org lroys wisbar Lisa Roys Public Affairs Director (608) 250-6128 Public Affairs
    org kruby wisbar Kristin Ruby Content Distribution Manager (608) 250-6153 Professional Development
    org pruppert wisbar Patricia Ruppert Member Services Manager, Direct Services (608) 250-6131 Member Services
    org jsmith wisbar Jackie Smith Finance Manager (608) 250-6122 Administration & Finance
    org mspranger wisbar Mary Spranger WisLAP Coordinator (608) 250-6159 Member Services
    org ksteffes wisbar Karen Steffes P.T. Accountant (608) 250-6121 Administration & Finance
    org jvang wisbar Jerry Vang Member Services Manager, Member Relations (608) 250-6181 Member Services
    org zvizer wisbar Zivan Vizer Web Developer (608) 250-6134 Information Services
    org kwalker wisbar Katherine Walker Program Planner (608) 250-6081 Professional Development
    org mward wisbar Maranda Ward Marketing Specialist (608) 250-6155 Marketing
    org bweiland wisbar Brittney Weiland Public Affairs Coordinator (608) 250-6145 Public Affairs
    org kwenzel wisbar Kris Wenzel Program Coordinator (608) 250-6185 Member Services
    org cwieneke wisbar Christian Wieneke Member Records and Information Specialist (608) 250-6193 Administration & Finance
    org kwilcox wisbar Katie Wilcox Public Education Program Manager (608) 250-6191 Public Affairs
    org nwilliamsbuttery wisbar Nicole Williams Buttery Section Coordinator (608) 250-6184 Member Services
    org twood wisbar Toni Wood Registrar (608) 250-6142 Professional Development
    org jwood wisbar Jan Wood Marketing Director (608) 250-6104 Marketing
    org bwright wisbar Benjamin Wright Attorney Editor (608) 250-6112 Professional Development
    org jzajda wisbar Joy Zajda Database Administrator (608) 250-6042 Information Services
    org mzurbriggen wisbar Megan Zurbriggen Program Coordinator/Law School Outreach (608) 250-6083 Member Services