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    • After the JD: Careers Seven Years Out of Law School
    • The experiences of Wisconsin lawyers seem to track those of participants in a national study looking at the careers of more than 5,000 lawyers admitted to the bar in the year 2000. The first two parts of the three-phase study surveyed participants when they were three and seven years into their careers. The third phase will be complete in 2012.
    • Challenging the Admission of Forensic Evidence
    • A national study of our nation’s crime labs and the scientific validity of several commonly used forensic science disciplines questions the basis for several different forensic science disciplines. Attorneys must continue to press trial courts to be more active gatekeepers by challenging the underlying premise of forensic evidence, because oftentimes science does not support analysts’ testimony.
    • Business Records and Self-authentication: Together at Last
    • Wisconsin’s rules of evidence governing the admission of domestic and foreign business records allow for the admission of certified business records through self-authenticating declarations in certain circumstances. Learn how applying the rules can save parties substantial expense and inconvenience.