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    • Shhhh! The Antitrust Risks of Discussing Legal Fees
    • Attorneys must be as cautious as any other businesspeople when discussing competitively sensitive information. Generally, avoid discussing other lawyers' fees for legal services. The risks of running afoul of federal and state antitrust laws are high.
    • E-Legacy: Who Inherits Your Digital Assets?
    • After your death, will your family know how and where to access sentimental family heirlooms such as the generations of family photos you digitally scanned from well-thumbed originals? What about your online bank, credit card, investment and social media accounts?
    • Three Lawyers Tell Their Stories: Back from the Brink
    • Lawyers who have stumbled due to addictions or mental illness but eventually landed on their feet know the struggle to stay standing never ends. Three lawyers tell how alcohol and drug addiction and depression tripped up their legal careers.

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