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    • New Residential Tenants in Foreclosure Act
    • Tenants whose landlords are in foreclosure might lose their security deposits and any prepaid rent, face eviction with 24 hours’ notice, and grapple with prospective landlords who refuse to rent to them because they were removed from a residential property because of a mortgage foreclosure. Wisconsin’s new Residential Tenants in Foreclosure Act and recent federal legislation now offer some protections to residential tenants.
    • Unlocking Your Firm’s Profit Potential: Increasing Revenue
    • Even in a sluggish economy, your firm can produce more revenue while improving client satisfaction. This client-centered approach to revenue enhancement focuses on three key steps. First, know the financial indicators a firm should track in analyzing revenue and identifying opportunities for improvement. Second, manage client expectations to increase client satisfaction in a way that improves revenue. Third, understand specific aspects of law firm leverage that are critical to surviving and thriving in
    • Rising Class and Collective Lawsuits in Employment
    • The use of class and collective lawsuits in employment-related litigation is on the rise as employees seek proper pay and fair treatment while employers seek to defend their policies and practices. Here’s a look at the differences between the two types of group litigation, reasons for the increase, and why the trend is expected to continue.

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