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    • Society’s Challenge: Finding a Better Way to Die
    • Media attention on the Final Exit Network assisted-suicide ring and other right-to-die cases results in people talking for awhile about death and dying. And while there has to be a better way to exit this world than with a plastic bag over one’s head, don’t look to the law to resolve the complex moral and ethical questions about how we die. Individuals must make and discuss their own wishes.
    • Tax Aspects of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009: On the Road to Recovery? 
    • The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 makes more than 300 changes to the Internal Revenue Code to provide nearly $300 billion in tax relief and other benefits to individuals, businesses, the environment, and state governments. This summary of the Act’s fundamental tax law changes provides attorneys with the working knowledge they need to advise their clients about the Act’s provisions.
    • Homebuying after Below: Navigating the Economic Loss Maze
    • Below v. Norton applies the economic loss doctrine in Wisconsin to bar common-law intentional misrepresentation claims in both residential and noncommercial real estate transactions. Until Below is legislatively overturned, buyers who want to preserve common-law tort claims in any real estate transaction must do so by contract.
    • Abraham Lincoln’s Legacy to Wisconsin Law, Part 3: The Free Labor Doctrine
    • Given Lincoln’s sympathy for the right of workers to “put into their mouths the bread that their own hands have earned,” he might well have supported organized labor’s cause and changes in the free labor doctrine if he had lived after the Civil War. Wisconsin promptly assimilated the free labor doctrine into its legal system at statehood, and the doctrine has continued to influence Wisconsin law to the present day. This the last in a three-article series that examine the legal connections between Lincol