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    • Emerging Practice Area: The Regulation of Greenhouse Gases
    • Given the number of current climate laws or initiatives in Wisconsin and other states aimed at regulating greenhouse-gas emissions and developing “green technologies,” and the high probability of sweeping federal government action within the next few years, lawyers should stay at the forefront of this rising legal practice area.
    • When Nonlawyers "Represent" LLCs
    • If a limited liability company faces litigation, its nonlawyer members risk violating the unauthorized-practice-of-law statute if they try to represent the entity and face losing limited liability protection for the LLC’s liabilities. As more businesses form as LLCs, and as more litigation involving LLCs ensues, lawyers must develop strategies to both serve their clients and deal ethically with nonlawyer "representatives."
    • The Perils of Plain Language: Statute of Limitations for Child Sexual Assault Defendants
    • In State v. MacArthur, the Wisconsin Supreme Court concluded that the expanded statute of limitation for child sexual assaults must be interpreted literally, not constructively, with the result that some future child sexual assault defendants may escape prosecution while other defendants may be subject to prosecution without any time limit. The difference in treatment depends on whether the alleged crime occurred before or after July 1, 1989.

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