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    • Getting the Best of Both Worlds: Open Government and Economic Development
    • Recent appellate opinions have clarified Wisconsin’s open government laws as applied to economic development issues. By following the public records and open meetings laws, and by understanding when the very limited exceptions may apply, the public, local governments, and developers can all reap the benefits of economic development.
    • New IRS Form 990: Promoting Good Governance of Nonprofits
    • Believing that well-governed nonprofit organizations better benefit the groups they serve and are more likely to comply with tax laws, the IRS has redesigned the Form 990 tax return for nonprofit entities to include specific governance controls to show quality management and transparent operations. Starting with the 2008 tax year, the IRS is phasing in the new form over three years.
    • Abraham Lincoln’s Legacy to Wisconsin Law, Part 2: Inter Arma Silent Leges: Wisconsin Law in Wartime
    • Feb. 12, 2009, was the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth. Lincoln arguably did more than any other individual to shape America. He influenced and was influenced by powerful legal and political currents that continue to play a vital role in shaping American law, including the law of Wisconsin. This is the second of three articles that examine the legal connections between Lincoln and Wisconsin.

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