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    • Employer Liability for Employment References
    • Many businesses hesitate to provide information about their former employees to prospective employers because of the threat of potential lawsuits. Lawyers should understand the legal issues underlying employment reference checks to help their business clients establish best practices.
    • Discharging Disabled Employees Under No-Fault Attendance Policies
    • Employers should take care when discharging disabled employees under a no-fault attendance policy. To effectively counsel their business clients, attorneys need to know why the Wisconsin Supreme Court recently awarded a disabled employee the maximum remedy under the Wisconsin Fair Employment Act for an employer’s discriminatory application of a no-fault attendance policy.
    • "In Part" versus "Determining Factor"
    • Judicial and administrative application of the in-part and determining factor tests the WFEA decisions has not enjoyed uniform clarity. Read why.

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  • Inside the Bar
  • Get a Great Rate of Return
  • The 2008 State Bar Annual Convention gives you a great rate of return on your investment of time.
  • The Holocaust
  • Its Relevance Today
  • To learn more about Tim Scott's presentation, The Holocaust: Its Relevance Today, or to attend or schedule an appearance, please visit Put Out the Flame . In his presentation, Scott challenges listeners to examine and extinguish the "flames" of bias, prejudice, racism, and hatred in their own hearts.
  • President's Message
  • Three Months and Counting
  • Work progresses on president Basting’s focal issues: UPL, access to justice, and the influence of money on judicial elections.
  • Profile
  • Putting Out the Fires of Hate
  • Attorney Timothy Scott takes his listeners inside a hateful episode in human history – and asks them to examine hate in our world today.
  • Ethics
  • Part 2: A Dialog on the New Rules of Professional Conduct
  • Dean Dietrich and Ralph Cagle discuss how breaching the professional conduct rules may affect legal malpractice claims, significant changes to the trust account rules, client confidentiality and conflict issues, and how the rules affect cross-border practice.