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      • The FTC's Web Site Privacy and Security Rules for Every Business
      • Every business engaged in Internet commerce or using a Web site to collect personal information – not just those businesses subject to financial services industry regulations – must comply with the Federal Trade Commission rules governing the use and protection of personal information. Failure to comply can be very costly.
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      • The Origin & Evolution of the Partial Veto Power
      • In the April general election, a referendum will give Wisconsin citizens an opportunity to limit the governor’s partial veto power. Here’s a look at the proposed amendment and how it compares to the origin and evolution of partial veto power.
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      • Madison attorney to blog about his experience teaching in Russia
      • On Feb. 13 the Marquette Volunteer Legal Clinic, in partnership with Quarles & Brady LLP, opened its doors on Milwaukee's south side. While the clinic is located in the Spanish Center and is staffed with bilingual volunteer attorneys, law students, a; Madison winters aren't cold enough for attorney Jim Troupis so he is heading to Siberia. Troupis of Michael Best & Friedrich LLP will teach the rule of law and litigation in the American legal system to law students at Baikal State University of Economics & Law in Irkutsk, Russia, from mid April to early May.

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      • Inside the Bar
      • State Budget Woes and the Practice of Law
      • The State Bar is closely monitoring state fiscal developments here in Madison and will keep you informed about how the state's response to the budget shortfall could affect the judiciary and other State Bar members.
      • President's Message
      • A Giant Among Its Peers
      • The State Bar of Wisconsin is recognized as one of the most productive and innovative bars in the nation, thanks to the many lawyers who selflessly serve their colleagues. Still, there's always room for improvement, and so informed feedback is vital to i
      • Ethics
      • A Dialog on the New Rules of Professional Conduct: Part 1
      • In Part 1 of this two-part conversation, Dean Dietrich and Ralph Cagle discuss some of the changes to Chapter 20, the Rules of Professional Conduct for Wisconsin attorneys, including the impact of informed consent and written agreements on the practice o
      • Practice Tips
      • Monitoring Cases
      • Monitoring case filings can help lawyers stay current in their practice areas and up to date on cases in which they're involved. Here are some free and fee-based services to help you keep your edge.
      • Practice Tips
      • The Greatest Set of Motions You've Never Heard of
      • Plaintiffs' attorneys who use, under the right set of circumstances, the relatively obscure motion for judgment on admitted claim or motion for an order to satisfy the admitted claim can achieve a good result, reduce the length of litigation, and save th
      • Managing Risk
      • The Art of Client Selection
      • Turning down cases isn't easy, but sometimes it's necessary. Here are some things to think about when deciding whether to represent a potential client or accept a particular legal matter.