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    • Teens Test Their Mettle in Mock Trials
    • For 25 years, students in the Wisconsin High School Mock Trial Program have learned a lot about the law and the legal system - and about themselves. Read what motivates students to participate and why each year hundreds of lawyers, judges, and teachers support this volunteer-intensive statewide program.
    • Enhance Your Firm's Web Site with Consumer Information
    • As more people turn to the Internet in search of trustworthy, substantive information, you can now feature the same valuable information contained in the State Bar of Wisconsin's Consumer Pamphlet Series on your Web site.
    • Foundational Checklist for Admitting as Evidence Records Created by a Process
    • To demonstrate authenticity for process-generated records, the proponent is required to introduce evidence that describes a process or a system used to produce a result and to show that the process or system produces an accurate result. How much detail the proponent should provide depends on the complexity or familiarity of the record at hand.

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