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    • The Good Samaritan Statute: Civil Liability Exemption for Emergency Care
    • In 2006, the Wisconsin Supreme Court examined in detail the Good Samaritan law and issued an opinion in which it defined the terms of Wisconsin’s Good Samaritan statute. The court did not modify long-standing law, but in clarifying the law’s terms, the court also clarified its application.
    • Bridging the Gap of Unmet Civil Legal Needs: Recommendations for Action
    • A recent State Bar of Wisconsin comprehensive study that examined unmet civil legal needs of low-income people in our state revealed that 500,000 residents face serious civil legal problems without legal assistance. How will Wisconsin take the next steps and act on the study’s recommendations to close the access to justice gap?
    • Impact of New Fee and Trust Account Rules on Family and Criminal Law Practitioners
    • The new fee and trust account rules became effective July 1, 2007. Here, the authors address hourly and flat fee engagements for lawyers, the new opportunity for lawyers to outright deposit advanced fees – whether flat fees or hourly fees – into their general business account, and the changes to the rules that most affect family and criminal law practitioners. Sample end-of-representation letters are included.