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    • Study Suggests Causes of and Ways to Prevent False Confessions
    • Lessons from recent DNA exoneration cases suggest that although false confession-based wrongful convictions often begin with police interrogation, they involve a breakdown of the entire justice system. This article presents an overview of research conducted by the Wisconsin Criminal Justice Study Commission about the causes of false confessions and possible ways to prevent false confession-based wrongful convictions.
    • Friend of the Court Briefs: What the Curiae Wants in an Amicus
    • A well-written amicus curiae brief is a valuable aid to a court presented with issues that are novel, technical, or complex or that will have far-reaching effect. The authors examine the role of the amicus and what, from the perspective of Wisconsin appellate courts, makes an amicus brief “good.”
    • Environmental Insurance: A Business Lawyer's Guide
    • Contamination legal liability policies represent an important hedging option for environmental contamination risk that business lawyers should consider for their clients that face environmental risk situations. Learn about potential uses of these new insurance policies, legal pitfalls for unwary clients, and areas that lawyers should address in negotiations leading to the purchase of these products.