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    • Achieving Environmental Excellence: Green Tier Legislation
    • New Green Tier legislation promotes and rewards environmental performance while providing regulatory flexibility on everything from land development to manufacturing. Help your business, industry, or municipal clients determine if participating in this voluntary program is right for them.
    • The First LLC Case
    • In Gottsacker v. Monnier, the first limited liability company case to reach the Wisconsin Supreme Court, the court included in its decision a lengthy discussion of how LLCs work, touching on the technical details and policies behind the law. The decision offers guidance and practical advice to attorneys drafting LLC agreements for their business clients.
    • Hearsay in Administrative Hearings
    • In Gehin v. Wisconsin Group Insurance Board, the Wisconsin Supreme Court did not strictly adhere to the legal residuum rule, which prohibits administrative hearing bodies from basing findings of fact solely on uncorroborated hearsay. While Gehin provides grounds for exceptions to the rule and addresses several satellite issues, it is unclear when corroboration is required and when it is not.

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  • Inside the Bar
  • Righting the Wrongs
  • The Client Protection Fund reimburses clients for money lost due to lawyer theft in a lawyer-client relationship. The fund is tangible proof that lawyers go beyond other professions to right the wrongs caused by their own colleagues.
  • Ethics
  • Withdrawing When a Client Doesn't Pay
  • There are instances when a lawyer may withdraw from representing a client, including for nonpayment of fees; however, a lawyer may inquire a tribunal's permission and must comply with ethical duties.
  • Practice Tips
  • Patent Sites for the Occasional User
  • There are many reasons why a lawyer would occasionally want to conduct patent research: to follow trends and patterns in key technology, to help a client test a business environment, to learn about corporate competition, or even to evaluate a job applicant. These tips help the occasional user locate patents online.