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    • Electronic Evidence in the 21st Century
    • While existing rules of civil procedure and evidence have been used with some success to manage the electronic revolution to date, they don't go far enough. The author calls for a comprehensive revision of these rules to take into account the many ways electronic evidence is different from paper evidence. Read what counsel can do now until fundamental changes are made.
    • Clue Reports: A Tool to Discover Property Problems
    • Buyers now have an additional tool available to discover potential problems with their new home - a report of the seller's insurance claims during the past five years, called a Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (C.L.U.E.) report.
    • Equity, Old Facts, and Wisconsin's Law of Easements
    • Two recent cases make the establishment of easements by necessity or by prescription more complicated and less certain. In light of these cases, read what lawyers need to know to advise clients who seek to gain or to prevent a right of access.
    • The Law of Easements and Condo Documents Set for Summer CLE Seminars
    • How will your clients be affected by the Wisconsin Supreme Court decision in McCormick v. Schubring, which introduces equitable balancing in determining the existence of easements of necessity? How will the court of appeals decision in Schauer v. Baker affect court decisions in establishing the validity of prescriptive easements?

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