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    • Tracking Evidence with GPS Technology
    • Recent cases nationwide and in Wisconsin recognize the power of Global Positioning Systems. With the increased accuracy of GPS technology, more lawyers are using -- and courts are admitting -- GPS evidence. Learn how GPS can affect your case.
    • Chris Ochoa, 1L
    • First-year U.W. Law School student Chris Ochoa brings a perspective to his studies and life that few students and faculty share -- in 2001 he became the first prisoner exonerated by the Wisconsin Innocence Project team. With almost a year of law school under his belt, Ochoa works to reconcile the legal theory he's learning with his personal experiences within the justice system.
    • Hearsay and the Confrontation Clause
    • The practice of courts admitting hearsay evidence under a reliability test has been abruptly stopped by the U.S. Supreme Court. In Crawford v. Washington, the Court held that, regardless of reliability, the historic roots of the Sixth Amendment require that defendants be given an opportunity to cross examine out-of-court statements that are "testimonial" in nature.

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