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    • Looks can be Deceiving: Safeguards for Eyewitness Identification
    • Recent cases in Wisconsin and elsewhere point to two particularly troubling problems with current eyewitness identification techniques ... memory contamination through investigator suggestion and a witness's use of the relative judgment process. Read how some jurisdictions are minimizing misidentification and erroneous conviction of the innocent.
    • Advising Developers in Operating Community Associations
    • Construction problems and financing shortfalls have always plagued real estate projects, but with condominiums and similar types of projects, developers have added liability exposure in their relationships with owners associations. Legal counseling can help smooth a developer's transition to an owner-controlled project.
    • Wisconsin Health Care Workers: Whistleblower Protection
    • Health care workers who in good faith report standard of care violations are protected from employer retaliation. The importance of Wisconsin's Health Care Worker Protection statute can only grow as our population ages and our reliance on health care workers and facilities increases.