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    • The Scope of Disability Law in Wisconsin
    • Wisconsin Supreme Court decisions in two recent cases clarify that an employee's inability to adequately undertake his or her job-related responsibilities will not be sufficient justification under the WFEA for denying a requested accommodation. The decisions raise more questions than they answer - leading the way to more litigation.
    • Issues Affecting Long-Term Care
    • In response to the articles in August concerning abuse in Wisconsin long-term care facilities, this article provides additional options for lawyers who advise elderly clients and provides information about and context to the problems facing the long-term care provider community.

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  • Employer Defenses to Sexual Harassment Claims
  • A recent U.S. Supreme Court decision considered when an employer may be held liable to an employee who quits a job due to sexual harassment. Although the Suders decision involved federal, not state, antiharassment law, Wisconsin courts and agencies will likely consider Suders as persuasive authority when interpreting the Wisconsin Fair Employment Act.
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  • Butler Appointed to Supreme Court
  • The Hon. Louis Butler, U.W. 1977, was sworn in as a Wisconsin Supreme Court justice on Aug. 25, at a ceremony in the state Assembly chambers in front of more than 200 spectators.