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    • A Lawyer's Life in Civil War Crawford County
    • An ancestor's journal provides insights into Civil War-era Crawford County. Dealton Tichenor practiced law for 10 years before his death in 1864 as a Union prisoner of war in Andersonville Prison, Georgia.
    • Examining Wisconsin Jury Instructions
    • Should Wisconsin reexamine its "blindfold rule" approach to instructing jurors in civil cases and join the majority of "sunshine rule" states by allowing judges to instruct jurors on the meaning of their verdicts? The authors compare the opposing approaches and their rationales and then ask, "since jurors inevitably guess at the results of their findings, does it really serve justice to keep jurors in the dark?"
    • Attorney Access To and Use of Medical Records
    • Now that health care providers are in compliance with the HIPAA privacy rule, attorney attention has shifted to how the federal rule and Wisconsin laws affect them in their own law practices. This article assists attorneys in all practice areas in negotiating the hazards of state and federal medical privacy laws, and includes helpful charts.