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    • Protecting Legal Rights of Activated Guards and Reservists
    • As more of Wisconsin's National Guard and reserves members are activated, it is important that lawyers be familiar with the provisions of two federal statutes that protect the legal rights of their military service clients ... the Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act and the Uniform Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act
    • The Conveyance Glitch in the Next Economy Law
    • Recent changes to the Wisconsin Business Corporation Law impose three new requirements on Wisconsin businesses before property of a merging entity is vested in the surviving entity. Read about the interpretive difficulties that businesses will experience when attempting to comply with the statute due to drafting ambiguities and the consequences of noncompliance to businesses conducting mergers and acquisitions in Wisconsin.
    • Justice Roujet D. Marshall: The World of Buoyant Opportunism
    • Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Roujet D. Marshall believed that individual and societal happiness could best be achieved through a system in which a person's success or failure rested primarily with the individual, not society. His philosophy of individual opportunism was at loggerheads with the Progressives' philosophy of society's rights taking precedence over the rights of individuals.

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