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    • A Personal Look Back at the Court of Appeals
    • In 1978 it was anticipated that each judge would hear 100 cases per year. That figure has now doubled. Appellate judges have less time available to consider each case and must rely on the lawyers - and the organization and quality of their presentations - more than ever before.
    • HIV Confidentiality: Who has the Right to Know?
    • Although HIV infections continue to occur at an alarming rate, medications are drastically reducing the number of deaths from aids and improving the quality of life of HIV-infected people. Lawyers who advise HIV-positive clients need to emphasize that the best way to avoid stigmatization and discrimination is to be selective in whom clients entrust with information about their HIV status.
    • Chief Justice Luther S. Dixon: The First of the Great Dissenters
    • Known as Wisconsin's first great judicial conservative, Luther S. Dixon defended the ideal of legal order against calls for quick legal and social change in a variety of areas during his political career. Because he often defended unpopular causes, each of Dixon's reelection campaigns became a battle for survival.
    • Writing the Persuasive Brief
    • The brief is the appellate lawyer's most important tool, because it is the one time when the attention of each deciding judge is independently focused on the lawyer's position in the case. A former appellate judge explains why it is critical that brief writers respect the judges' limited time, and provides tips on how to get - and keep - their attention and interest in your position.
    • From the Archives
    • To celebrate its 75th anniversary, throughout 2003 the Wisconsin Lawyer will include "From the Archives," a monthly column devoted to lively snippets from past issues.