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    • Effectively mediating client disputes
    • Lawyers' thoughtful participation in the mediation process can significantly advance a client's interests in achieving a beneficial settlement. Thinking like a negotiator when preparing for mediation, including thoroughly understanding the client's interests and motivations, is key. Read what lawyers can do to enhance their effectiveness in the mediation process.
    • Chief Justice Edward T. Fairchild
    • Fairchild tempered his early belief in the free labor doctrine right of individuals to act for themselves free of governmental help and hindrance with the later belief in the imperative of serving the public and persons less fortunate. He believed these persons, these "soldiers in the great war of commerce," should be helped if, despite their best efforts, they came out as losers in that war.
    • State Bar Annual Report
    • Fiscal Year 2003 (FY03) marked the 125th anniversary of the State Bar of Wisconsin, as well as other legal history milestones. It was a time to reflect on the rich history of Wisconsin's legal community while preparing for the profession's future. The founding principles laid down in 1878 when the association was formed created a solid foundation on which the Bar continues to build today.
    • From the Archives
    • To celebrate its 75th anniversary, throughout 2003 the Wisconsin Lawyer will include "From the Archives," a monthly column devoted to lively snippets from past issues.