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Wisconsin High School Mock Trial Tournament

Regional Coordinators


The regional tournament coordinator is responsible for organizing and hosting the regional tournament in cooperation with the State Coordinator.

Each region will send the team winning the regional tournament to compete in the state semifinal tournament in Madison.

Regional Coordinators determine times for the regional competition and have the authority to make decisions on-site.

  Mock Trial Coordinators Meeting - Tuesday, November 10, 2015


2016 Mock Trial Dates

                                              Case Released                      October 1, 2015 
                                              Coaches Conference             October 21, 2015 
                                              Coordinators Meeting             November 10, 2015
                                              Mock Trial Entry Deadline      December 1, 2015
                                              Team Drop Deadline             January 12, 2016
                                              Regional Tournaments           February 13, 2016
                                              State Semi-final                      March 12, 2016
                                              State Finals                             March 13, 2016