Lifetime Jurist Application

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Lifetime Jurist Application

The Lifetime Jurist Award was established to honor a person who has served as a circuit court judge and who has exhibited long-term excellence as a judge:

Eligibility Guidelines


  • Nominee has served as a circuit court judge;
  • Nominee has demonstrated high ideals, exemplary personal character, judicial competence, and has been actively involved in community efforts that enhance the judicial system;
  • Nominee has demonstrated outstanding, long-term judicial service during the years as a sitting judge;
  • Nominee has affected the judicial system in a distinctive manner;
  • Nominee is an example of a fair and impartial jurist.


  • Nominee cannot be campaigning for an elected office other than the currently held office during the nomination process; and
  • Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices and judges who are current members of the Bench and Bar Committee (roster) of the State Bar of Wisconsin are not eligible.

Please send your nomination materials on 8½ x 11" paper, unstapled, identified and clipped together to:

Bench and Bar Committee / Judicial Achievement Awards Subcommittee
c/o Kris Wenzel
State Bar of Wisconsin
P.O. Box 7158
Madison, WI 53707-7158

Please, no fax materials.