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    • Home Safe Home: Wisconsin’s Castle Doctrine and Trespasser Liability Laws
    • Soon after passing concealed-carry legislation, the Wisconsin Legislature enacted two other laws to clarify state residents’ right to use weapons in self-defense and land possessors’ responsibility to trespassers. Although the castle doctrine law and the castle doctrine law and the trespasser liability act became effective Dec. 21, 2011, questions remain as to their provisions.
    • PDF Tools for Lawyers: An Apple-to-Apples Comparison
    • The State Bar’s Law Office Management advisor reviews four PDF products with law-firm-appropriate features and describes their highlights and drawbacks. Don’t miss the helpful chart ranking the products in different categories.

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  • 14 PDF Tools All Law Firms Should Have to Maintain Client Confidentiality
  • June 5, 2013 – Lawyers face unique document production challenges, from the filing requirement of courts and other governmental agencies to the need to maintain confidentiality of client information and prevent unauthorized changes to documents. In this video, Nerino Petro, State Bar practice management advisor, talks about the basic PDF features all lawyers should have in their offices.