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      • Estate Planning Metamorphosis: Wisconsin’s New Trust Code
      • The new Wisconsin Trust Code, effective July 1, 2014, is transformative and makes Wisconsin a better place to administer trusts. It answers basic questions not covered in the previous trust code and provides new tools that add flexibility for estate planning attorneys and their clients.
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      • Keep Your Case Afloat: Wisconsin’s Court Competency Doctrine
      • A court’s competency to hear a particular dispute is a procedural issue that can torpedo a party’s case before it is considered on the merits. Generally, a court lacks competency to hear a case if a litigant fails to comply with a statutory mandate. Learn how to avoid case-sinking hazards.
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      • Lights On: Litigating Shareholder Disputes
      • When shareholders in nonstatutory close corporations want to leave the business, there is only one statutory remedy: judicial dissolution of the close corporation. Courts and litigants are now finding ways to address shareholders’ need for judicial intervention without employing the drastic remedy of dissolving the company.