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      • Legal Innovation: Ideas that Spark Change
      • The legal profession and marketplace are experiencing rapid change, with more to come. To survive and thrive, law firms must find ways to innovate to improve outcomes. Read what drives firms to innovate and how some Wisconsin lawyers and judges are doing just that. Then, nominate a Wisconsin Legal Innovator so we can tell their stories, too.
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      • Returning to First Principles? Governmental Immunity in Wisconsin
      • The Wisconsin Supreme Court’s 2012-13 decisions involving the governmental immunity statute not only reiterated the practical limits of such immunity but also opened the door to governmental actors being held responsible for potentially costly nuisance-abatement processes.

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      • That's a Fine Idea! Legal Innovation Wisconsin
      • The practice of law is undergoing historic change. Tell us about the innovators and ideas that are bringing positive change to Wisconsin’s legal landscape. Through “That's a Fine Idea! Legal Innovation Wisconsin,” the State Bar of Wisconsin will showcase examples of legal innovation already underway. Help us tell that story. Nominate a Wisconsin Legal Innovator at ThatsaFineIdea.com or www.wisbar.org/innovate.