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      • A Conversation on Supreme Court Term Limits
      • Judicial Election Steering Committee members discuss a Judicial Task Force proposal to amend the Wisconsin Constitution to change the term of office for Wisconsin Supreme Court justices to a single elected 16-year term. Read how the task force arrived at its recommendation and how the steering committee is encouraging its acceptance.
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      • Surrogacy Law Still Uncertain
      • The clearest conclusion to be drawn from the Wisconsin Supreme Court's decision in Rosecky v. Schissel, a surrogacy-agreement case, is that Wisconsin law concerning such agreements is still far from well-defined.
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      • Public Trust and Agency Discretion Principles Intact
      • Following Rock-Koshkonong Lake District v. Wisconsin DNR, the bedrock principles of the public trust doctrine in Wisconsin – the civil right of the public to use and enjoy navigable waters, and the broad rule of standing to protect that right – remain firmly intact.

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      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8r7knSrfhQs
      • Conflict Waivers for Lawyers Turned Board Members
      • State Bar ethics advisors Tim Pierce and Aviva Kaiser discuss the need for advance waivers of conflicts when attorneys serve on clients’ boards of directors.